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How To Celebrate A Customer Win?

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I am looking for creative and inexpensive ways to celebrate customer wins, other than a cowbell. Do we buy beer from the same city/state as the customer and have a 4pm gathering? Do we get cupcakes? Buttons? Posters? Do we have a week-long game with trivia questions? How would we recognize the salesperson? A crown? We need to get some excitement in these wins to pump up employees. Your help is appreciated.
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    It would be bad if you dont have proper budget for sales promotion. Well if you place the winners name & pic for a week on the notice board that would be a great impact, but anyhow you'll need a gift for that.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    It depends on who you're trying to reward. Are you trying to create sales superstars or a sales team? Have you sat down with the individuals and team to find out what truly matters to them - and how to help them achieve it (so when your company wins, they do too)?
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    Thanks for your comments. It's less about rewarding someone than it is about incresing morale and celebrating the win as a company.

    So with that...I am looking for ideas or examples of what a marketing team/person has done to celebrate the win.
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    Thank you :)

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