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Looking For Tagline - Travel Biz

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I have a new travel business called Sustainable Travel. Need tagline and mission statment. Industry has changed, evolved and this company's ideas are about it being, YOUR world ... take part in it, your way, walk softly.

It caters to groups/meetings/film production/athletic teams, any movement ... any corner of the globe. And from high-end whimiscal to voluteering in the 3rd world. Impact the destination with as light of a foot imprint as possible and tax-free donations going to a carbon offset program to clean up the jet emissions we leave behind ...

Mainstream clients with social corporate responsibility. Any ideas?
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  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Member
    hi there

    Suatainable Travel
    "Take your world wherever you go"

    "Because we love to be our own world"

    "Its your World, Live in it"

    "Its your World, everywhere"

    hope these helps


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