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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Naming My New Construction And Real Estate Company

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
i'm gonna start up a new Real estate and construction company. help me with ideas and provide some unique names. i prefer associating the company with something meaning land and building. something unique pls .....

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Now I am going to be unfair here. What else are you going to associate your company with apart from land and building? Because a name on its own won't do much for you but cost you money.

    You want to earn it. In our day and age, construction companies are going out of business by the hour. That means you need more than a unique name - you need a business that is both unique and powerful. This doesn't mean you can't have a great name, it does mean that for a very special few people you are the one company that provides everything they demand, and are willing to pay for.

    We need to know who those unique people are, their likes and dislikes. Because real estate won't mean anything unless you communicate it to them. Because that is the hidden power you hold right now, and believe me, it is unique.

    The only problem is that it's not easy to find, especially when so little is written.

    So: Who are you?
    Where are you?
    What do you do?
    What don't you do?
    Who is your ideal customer.

    Be as specific as you can, any fluffy or woolly answers will lead to a company name that means as much to real estate as Coca-Cola.

  • Posted on Author
    I'm from India and would venture into Real Esates and constructions . so far i've been working in the construction of Residential as well as commercial buildings and now planning to start my own company. yup as u've mentioned i would also wanna get into a unique business providing as much services as possible in the field . as of now i'm ready to take up renovation work as well. planning to do everything from real estates, planning a building , working on the drawings, building contract, landscaping ideas, interior designing as well,providing complete solution for the building , making it ready to be occupied and make it hassle-free for the customers. as well planning to build only eco-friendly ones.

    As this is my very first business i dont have any customer as of now. Strating this business with a confidence to create my own empire very soon.
    suggest some unique name and also any other business ideas are always welcome.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    My first thought is that you will quickly find that you are good at one part of your business, and that you will have clients who like this being done. Whilst you should focus on this as your core business, the rest will cover your day-to-day business and living costs (hopefully!). The point is that if you have really good clients, you can charge a premium for a premium service. They will appreciate this where others would simply turn on you and ask if you do cash jobs.

    My reaction to creating empires is why create one when you can be happy in your work when it provides for all you need. It is nice to drive around in big cars, they do come with a lot of strings most of them stressful. If you cut your cloth according to the measure you will find that establishing a sensible small business that makes you and others happy is far more worthwhile than running an empire that constantly teeters on the edge of profitability.

    For the small construction business, the usual approach is to use your own name. Now the game changer for a trustworthy business is to state something that you don't do. No charlatan in their right mind will tell you something that their snake-oil remedy won't do, yet they claim to be truthful. So don't claim "the honest builder" line, somewhere in your sales page you need to tell them something about yourself or your way of doing things that isn't positive. Because just saying that will do two magical things: it will drive away the customers who want everything perfect (and get you to achieve it at your cost - in other words you make a loss on those clients) - the customers who really like what you do well don't mind that you can't do something that they aren't asking you to do. What they will like is your being honest.

    Another suggestion is that you need an email autoresponder series - and an occasional newsletter. This will keep interested customers "in the loop" whilst they don't want your services immediately. You can build up a healthy list - and it will start telling others simply because they like seeing what you do.

    Business name " nithyajagadesh26 building* services" (this is not so important: you state your honesty by having a simple, direct statement - *you can be more specific but not more wordy).

    "Fitting your building to your needs"
    "Listening to your needs and making your building suit them" (long and fussy)
    "Your requirements - We fit your building to them"
    "Fitting your building to your business"
    "Turns your house into your home" (tired)
    "Turns your house into your family home"

    One point of note: whatever tagline you choose, choose wording that puts the emphasis on the reader. "Fitting your business" is not as strong as "Fits your business". Just this one change in grammar will do wonders for your tagline.

    Let me know what ones you like and any suggestions you have to make them more specific to yourself. Of course you could come up with your own and we can play with that if you wish.

    To your success, Moriarty xx

  • Posted on Author
    ur point on the email and mewsletter taken. and for the name of the business . i dont wanna run it in my name. i want it to b catchy and to be easily remembered. suggest something of that sort.
    and the tagline "fits ur buildings to ur needs " is ok like. can u come up with something more.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Building Up
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Since you don't wish to use your name, do you mind using your locality?

    Catchiness is less memorable than doing a good job; doing good work gets your name spread - and that is tons better than just having a name and no solid reputation. Because good work will get you more work - a catchy name will just get you noticed. To my mind you need a name that implies solidity, and a name that you can pass down to your grandchildren!

    How about

    Secure building services
    "Fitting your building to your needs"

    Turnkey* building services (*implies they need to do very little and be able to use the place on entering - it fits with what you were saying in your initial question).

  • Posted on Author
    hey jay
    some more pls

    Turnkey is better , but i guess thats already taken . so few more pls

    the tag line is gud

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