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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Help With A Paid Membership Online Directory

Posted by lynn.soto on 250 Points

I am forming a online company to enable families to find service providers (nannies, housekeepers, maids, etc.) in the Dominican Republic. There's a huge niche market due to the fact that everyone has a housekeeper but when they leave or get fired, it's extremely hard to find another one. Besides, due to the fact that how we find them its by reference of other maids, we dont run any type of background check, they dont even know where they live most of the times...

It's called "Encuentra Ayuda" which means Find Help in spanish and I need help finding a tagline for it thats catchy in spanish....

In this website service providers will post their profile and the families will pay us a fee to access the contact information and the background check.

I dont know, I was thinking something like "Busca. Encuentra. Seguro." Search. Find. Secure. but that sounds like a robot... :( and since i am serving both customers (families and at the same time the service providers as well) I dont know how to please both.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Since your website doesn't specify that you're targeting the Dominican Republic, make it obvious.
    For example (in English): "Find The Best Dominican Republic Help" or "The #1 Place For Dominican Republic Help"
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Since you are in the Dom. Rep, I doubt people need reminding of this.

    However, I would be careful about having a membership site for BOTH: because the answer is really simple. Don't! They have totally different outlooks to their needs. The one needs help, the other wants to help.

    So, somehow you need to either have two websites - one for families and one for providers, or two forums. Either way, each is separate, each is targeted at the family - OR - the providers. Doesn't that make sense? Then when either have paid, they get access to the middle forum (or whatever form it takes) where they have their advertisements and can meet each other.

    Your family-orientated end of the site - which will respond via the search engines like Google to their search queries like "I need a home help" or "Seek new housekeeper" - should be aimed at them with a tagline like "Housekeepers with background checks and references"

    Your provider-orientated end of your site - which will respond via the search engines to queries like "I want work" - needs a tagline like "For families who need long term help"

    At the moment I'm getting no response from your website - not that it would do me much good as I don't speak Spanish!

    Hope this helps. Moriarty

  • Posted by lynn.soto on Author
    Thanks so much for your ideas. I am still in the process of establishing the business that's why you cant find the website. If you want an idea of what im looking to do you can go to : and you'll get an idea of what it is. Since it's for the DR its going to be in spanish. but around the same idea.

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