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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Suggestions To Brand Myself As A Make Up Artist

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I'm a freelance make up artist based in the Seattle area. Although I have been doing makeup periodically over 10 years, most of my work has been in the past 12 months as I decided to leave my career to focus on my passion. I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to brand myself. Looking for suggestions to go with the word "Glow" as that is what I'm known for. My name is Nicol, my last name is Polish, therefore a bit difficult I believe to use. ""Glow by Nicol" "Glow With by Nicol W...." I'm looking for any suggestions. Something catchy and that women will remember. I want them to say, "so and so is doing my makeup!" I primarily do wedding, bridal, beauty and fashion makeup. Glamorous is a word I would use. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted

    my first reaction is that branding yourself is the wrong path - at least in general terms. Branding isn't easy, and it is very expensive. It isn't very effective as an advertising tool either.

    What you really need to do is focus on your target audience. Because you have clients, you have worked in the business long enough to know who your best clients are - and their character. There will be something about you that they **really** like.

    If you don't know what this is, send out a round-robin to all those you can. Ask them for total honesty. Ask them what they liked about you and what you did for them. Ask them for their favourite color, record and anything else that is special in their life (this isn't so important, it is still useful to know). Now there is also a kicker. Ask them - and ask them to be as truthful as they can be and not to mince words - ask them for something they didn't like about you.

    Because they won't mind this shortcoming (and you are human after all!). Your worst kinds of clients, picky, troublesome and always wanting more for less - won't like this. Because without them your life just got better.

    Anyway take all this info and go through it. There will be things that stand out to you loud and clear. These are your "branding" opportunities. They will shout "this is my kind of girl!!" to your best clients. It will shout "you whinge too much, get stuffed" to your worst ones (see paragraph above).

    Because this won't just be catchy. It will be explosive. Catchy words aren't that memorable because everyone uses them. Your presenting yourself is something different altogether, unique and special. Now that is memorable.

    To your best clients anyway.

    If this makes any sense, do it, let us know the results and you will get some really good taglines.

    To your success,
    Moriarty xx
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks so much for your feedback! I really appreciate the response. It is quite helpful. I'll do that, I'll email my clients asking for just that. All my work has been based on a referral basis thus far and I have been blessed with amazing clients. I know that I need a website to appear more professional. I just want everything to look clean, flow and be true to myself. Other question.. When writing a bio or description about me how brief or detailed should it be? I want potential customers to get a feel for who I am and why I would be a good choice. I love one on one consultations because I get to know them. It's about creating an experience. Something they will remember and cherish especially for a special occasion such as their wedding day.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Hey! If you can do even half of the things - you will be streets ahead of everyone else. There are few people like you who have the courage to stand out.

    Referrals are the best form of client generation. Stick with it!!! Please ask them what they are saying about you that gets them interested.

    As to your bio - keep it short. Your entire website will be how you do things, and each page can emphasize something you do that is different and personal. That way you get to show your bio on each page. Your actual bio is only the facts.

    So make sure your website leads into the experience they are going to get when they meet you!!

    Anyway, if you are getting referrals, you don't have much problem being remembered. Fantastic work!
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Focus your marketing on your clients' (emotional) experience, not on your (professional) experience. Your bio should explain why your marketing promise will be kept, because you've got the proof to show it.

    For some naming ideas: Glamour Glow, Inner Glow, or even (Glamorous) Seattle Make-Up.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    You are getting some great advice from Jay and Moriarty. You need a great name more than a brand. I'd also heed Jay's advice about focusing on the emotional payoff for your clients, not on YOU and what YOU do. People want to know what's in it for them to choose you, not how many things you've done, or how many years you've been doing this. Force yourself to identify the specific important (and unique) benefit you deliver for your target audience. And the narrower your target audience is, the easier that will be.

    A word you might want to consider: Radient (or Radience). It's how your client will feel or be perceived by the people who are important to them.
  • Posted on Author
    Wow! Thanks everyone! I just came across this site today and can't believe not only how quick I received responses to my question but also how wonderful they are. You have just confirmed exactly how I feel. Looking at other webpages I felt as though that is exactly what was missing, the emotional part of it. I'm doing this because I love people and the instant gratification for both myself and try clients. Smiles all around. I'll keep everything in mind and update you if this remains open. I'm excited to get started! Happy New Year everyone!
  • Posted on Author
    Oops meant "my clients"
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Hi Nicol

    it's been fun, really. Most of the time, people don't come back. The times they do is when this site is worth the effort.

    Even if this page has been closed by the moderators, you can still post on it - and you will show up in the comments ticker (but not the current questions ticker). Most of us check the answers as they come in, which means that we'll see your response. That it won't "count" is neither here nor there. If you have concrete results from your researches, believe me, you will cause a scramble!

    The very best of luck to you, Moriarty xxx
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    When you amaze people with the results you give them, you help brand yourself.

    When you help someone look fantastic for their special day, you help brand yourself.

    When you give people memories that will last a lifetime, you help brand yourself.

    You don't brand you: other people create the brand on your behalf.

    You then capitalize on the ways you've exceeded people's expectations by consistently delivering and reinforcing the images you've created in other people's minds.

    You brand yourself less through the name you use or your choice of logo and more through the ways you help people change, through the ways you make them feel, and through the solutions and confidence you provide.
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks again everyone! It means a lot to me for you all taking the time to respond!:)

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