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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Embroidery Business Name Needed

Posted by chickcop11 on 250 Points
I have started a small embroidery business on the side and am hung up on an appropriate name. Right now I am only doing contract embroidery for a small cycling apparel company, and some work for a couple non-profits, but plan to soon start marketing to businesses and the public alike once I have the name in place. I also hope to add a heat press and vinyl graphics in the near future, so therefore my services will not be restricted to embroidery. I want the name to adequately convey the services and type of business, without being too campy or kitchy.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for your time.


A little about me...I am very outdoorsy, Eco conscious, love to hike, ride my bike and mountain climb. If any of those notions could be conveyed in the name, I'm all for it. My first profession is law enforcement, but that does not have to play into the name. I am also planning and designing a stand alone e-commerce site to cater specifically to personalizing children and baby apparel etc.

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    Promotional Graphics & Embroidery Co.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Kelly - my first thought is what do you do that is special? What is the one thing that you can do that other's can't, don't or won't?

    What are your customers thinking when they think "AHA!! An embroidery will look wonderful" ? If you can answer this question, your problem becomes way simpler.

    I presume you do the designs too - something you don't mention. You say "A little about me...I am very outdoorsy, Eco conscious, love to hike, ride my bike and mountain climb. If any of those notions could be conveyed in the name, I'm all for it." - now yes, in a way this is useful. Only can we tie this in to how your customers see you, and their likes and dislikes. Now your having been in law enforcement might just add some chillipepper to the mix!

    I want to know of your customers (or just your intended customer) who they are - what they do - where they are - what they like - what they don't like. Tying this into your likes and we will be able to do something.

    Babies & Baptisms Embroidery
    Don't just say it, sew it!

    M xx
  • Posted on Member
    cool Sew

    Mountain Art Craft
  • Posted by chickcop11 on Author
    I do some of the designs and artwork, but a lot of the artwork is brought by the customer. Right now my niche market is the law enforcement community through the contacts I have made on the job, as well as the non profits I am involved with. I do plan to broaden my customer base though once I'm established with a proper name and web presence. One of the things that I hope will set me apart from others is because this is not my first income, I am able to bend on price, but I don't want to convey "cheap". Furthermore, I will do the small orders other larger shops wont touch. I would also like to make available some organic clothing etc, but that may be just a page on the site as I know most folk focus on quality and price and not always the fabric and origin of the garment.
  • Posted on Member
    Your background should have nothing to do with naming your business. The focus should be on the type of business you hope to operate, the services you hope to offer, the target market that will benefit from what you offer.

    As for coming up with a suitable name, I'd hold off on that 'til you have all your equipment and can describe in a few well chosen words what services you will be able to offer. To pick a name without knowing that will likely result in picking a name that won't fit the equipment you end up with.

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