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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Pressure Washing Business Name Needed

Posted by buffstuff7 on 125 Points
I am thinking of starting a pressure washing business for homes and commercial sites. I am based in Louisiana, in the capital of Baton Rouge, and we're looking for a name to distance us from the competition while also perhaps reflecting the local area (Louisiana).

I am also kind of hung up between a catchy name and a generic, descriptive name.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  • Posted on Accepted
    County Power Wash

    Star Power Wash
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    "Buffstuff" sounds fun for a start. I don't know where it came from, it has potential.

    Distancing yourself from the competition isn't just a neat tagline. Your competition is pretty well offering one service with little to choose between them. So offer something else. Add this to everything you do in your advertising and you will find that you really do stand out.

    It does take courage to stand out though. It's like being a big yellow painted tank in the middle of a battlefield. It is not a nice place to be. Only it does sell, and it will make you noticeable. Whether the name is generic or catchy matters not a whit - because when your customers see what you do that is special, they will flock to you.

    As you aren't started yet, this is a little problematic since you don't have any customers. Use your imagination and think what makes you special for them that nobody else is doing.

    M xx
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    High Pressure
    Pressure To Clean
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Avoid catchy names. No one's looking for them and they do little in real terms to increase business. When someone in Baton Rouge is looking for pressure washing services they'll search online for terms along the lines of Baton Rouge Pressure Washing. The more your name connects to the terms being searched for, the more your name will come up at the top of local search listings. So, keep it simple, tell people what you do and make the benefits of doing business with you clear, solid, and a no-brainer.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    As a reflection of Gary's advice, there is another group of people you can target. Those who don't know that pressure washing is the answer to their problem.

    They might not know that they can clean their patios with them, or the engine bay of their vehicle.

    You have the skills to communicate to these people, answer their questions as they are asked so that they don't have to struggle to find a solution. So save them some frustration. And as Gary says, keep it simple. In this case, your advice, your answers.

    M xx
  • Posted by buffstuff7 on Author
    I appreciate the responses, guys. Being cognizant of SEO/people searching online, one thing I was thinking of is combining a somewhat catchy/unique name, say "Gator Wash," with a sub-name generic description like Pressure Washing/Power Cleaning etc., that people will undoubtedly be searching for.

    As far as standing out, the name is obviously not our be-all/end-all, and offering something special/one-upping the competition sounds like a good plan for differentiation, but I do nonetheless want a name that will stick with people or be at least a little different/memorable, not just something like "D & D Power Clean" or "Dave's Pressure Washing"; those kind of names are extremely common in this business, though, so I assume they are effective to some degree?

    On the do something special note, what do you all think about a free extra service (gutter cleaning for example, or maybe mat or dumpster cleaning for a business)? Or maybe a complimentary vehicle wash?

    BTW, HydroNext, I just want to point out that in Louisiana we call them parishes, not counties ;)

    Here's a few I've thought of. Please keep the suggestions coming!
    Gator Wash
    Ace Pressure Washing
    Deep South Pressure Clean
    Full Blast Pressure Washing
    Capital Pressure Washing
    Pressure Pros
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member

    You say **a name that will stick with people** - just about any name will stick if you have done a fantastic job. They will remember the work you did, the way you did it - and then think "where did we put his card"?

    **"D & D Power Clean" or "Dave's Pressure Washing"; those kind of names are extremely common in this business, though, so I assume they are effective to some degree?** They may be, they may not be. In any case it doesn't matter to you. What matters is that your service is memorable.

    **On the do something special note, what do you all think about a free extra service (gutter cleaning for example, or maybe mat or dumpster cleaning for a business)? Or maybe a complimentary vehicle wash?** Never devalue your services. You could offer some kind of bulk deal. More important is to offer some kind of regular service. You know your biz, offer your clients a subscription that keeps their patios and gutters clean according to an agreed schedule. It means if you have a lot of work on, you can say that "these jobs need doing by the end of November: let's book them in for next Thursday and Friday. That will give us breathing space".

    With this you could have several layers of subscriptions: a basic (patios, driveways) super (keeping the outside of the house clean each month, and the car each week) and gold (keeping the gutters, driveways all clear and mow the lawns too). Or something like that - the details you can fill in. You can also have a subscription for businesses which have the same upgrades but are by the size of their building or somesuch. Again, you're the expert.

    Because here we are selling *results* that are immediate and tangible.

    "Under Pressure? Call in BuffStuff for a sparkling result."
    "Under Pressure? Guaranteed results from Buffstuff"

    Hope this helps. Moriarty
  • Posted on Accepted
    For sure any name should include the words "Pressure Washing." In front of that you can put almost any number of words such as...Quality, Professional, Expert, etc. this giving you a name that's most likely to catch the eye of the market you hope to serve. Direct is always better than an attempt at being "catchy."

    Incidentally, given the nature of your business, I hope you're going to form it as a corporation. An attorney can best explain all the reasons why that's necessary.

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