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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Home Jewelry Designer Name Ideas

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am considering names for my home jewelry business. The style of jewelry is described as bohemian, trendy, yet sophisticated. The target market is young hip trendsetting girls aged 16-35. I want the name to encompass the ideas of power,sophisticated,trendy, and the concept of a story or a true being. I really am trying to use the word ''foxy'''' and have fallen in love with the a e and ideals of foxy soul, but the domain is already taken. It needs to be simple,clear, and something that would be easy to remember and spell. Word I like .. Foxy, soul, echo, fate. Appreciate the help. Thanks

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    The best known jewelry brands use the names of the designer/founder, so ...

    [your name] Jewelry
    Bohemian, Trendy, Yet Sophisticated

    As for a "foxy" option, you could go with ...

    Foxy Aurora
    Foxy Essence
    Foxy Spirit
    Foxy Moods
    Foxy Fire
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately a last name like mine (Wojtaszczyk) does not bode well for marketing purposes. How will anyone remember it, let alone spell it correctly. I like your foxy suggestions however unfortunately the domains are registered or being used in social media. I need a name unique enough for people to find and available across multiple social media platforms as these tools will play an integral role in my marketing efforts. Any suggestions going with soul? Maybe a name that embodies the same meaning as foxy without being too obvious? _____soul?
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    What's your first name? Middle name? is available
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted and are both available.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    I happen to think Wojtaszczyk is a lovely name!

    Foxfur jewellery ( are both free).
    sleek as a fox
    Stylefox ( is taken, the rest are free)
    The style of a fox.

    What do you think? Moriarty xx

    Look at this from another angle. What would a fox think of all this?

    You may or may not be aware that you can wear a fox skin as a scarf. In Britain this is called a "stole" and is usually worn by ladies when going to places like the opera or Fortnum's. Well, of course that meant I had to have one. Only, well, being against the hunting of foxes, this led to some difficult choices.

    You can read the silly story here:

    [Note to moderators: this was housed on my old blog, which was closed down last December. Not having had time or inclination to re-house my favorite tales, some now sit in a dusty corner of my own website.]
  • Posted by kbrosenberg on Accepted
    Can you post some pics of your work, or describe the materials you work with? Might spark more ideas...
  • Posted on Accepted
    The biggest problem I see is the age range you hope to target. Sixteen year olds and 35 year olds rarely share the same tastes in jewelery. You might want to rethink your potential market before you decide on a name.
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    FOX TV has many different emotional links for different people - perhaps too negative for some about vixen or young kits connections..

    VixensDen ..
    Kit'sKaboodle ..
    FelinesFancy ...

    Good Luck

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