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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Tagline

Posted by Anonymous on 50 Points
I am in the process of re-branding and I need a tagline for concierge service that provides travel and entertainment itinerary planning and management for both business and leisure traveler. Can someone please provide me with a tagline?

  • Posted on Accepted
    It would help us to better help you if we knew the new name of your we don't include any of those name elements in our tagline suggestions. In addition, it would help to know what makes your service better than any of your competitors.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    In what way is this question different from you last one?

    Is it that you are now being less specific, not based in Atlanta or is it a new company entirely?
  • Posted on Author
    PhilGrisolia4ResultsThank You for your response. My new name is Concierge: T & E Services. The focus for this business is to create and manage T & E, Adventure, and Nightlife luxury service itineraries catered to our client’s preferred level of assistance and personal requirements. The corporate strategy is to be the premier luxury travel partner for business and leisure travelers providing creativity, authenticity, and exclusivity travel and entertainment services while promoting balance and revitalization to our client's lifestyle.Moriarty, I am starting in Atlanta however, I do not want to limit my company to the Atlanta area. The goal is to be in major cities in the USA and overseas eventually.
  • Posted on Accepted
    You wrote your own tag line…

    Concierge: T & E Services
    creative | authentic | exclusive
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    To be quite honest with you, I would start in Atlanta with something. Taglines won't be much use unless you use them. What are your current clients saying about your business? What positive vibes are you getting from them?

    These are the nucleus of a tagline that will speak to the people who need your help. The others don't count - even if they need help, they won't thankyou for supplying it, and won't pay their bills. Cut them out and cut out the hassle.

    Can you share a few of your reviews with us. After all, they won't be much good to anybody else because they aren't you. What's more you can gradually improve on them as your clientele grows. That way you grow into a sensible company serving sensible people.

    In the meantime

    Making distant towns feel like home

    All the business of a busy life taken care of.

    Any good? M
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you all very much for your suggestions. Moriarty, I have gotten feedback that I have a great personality, professional, amazing at multitasking, exceptional customer service, resourceful, and trustworthy. I am feeling positive and hopeful about all of the feedback I have gotten from my clients. So, if I choose a logo targeted to people who visit Atlanta if and when I am ready to be established in another major city what would I do about the tagline then?
  • Posted on Author

    Excuse me I meant tagline not logo.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Not meaning to be hurtful here, only the things you say about your references are a little vague. That you get good feelings from them means that these customers will be coming back - as an aside, do you have a mailing list for them so that you can keep them "in the loop" with the occasional interesting tale about Atlanta (or other cities in the region/states).

    This is way more important than a tagline - which many won't remember anyway. What they will remember is your style and the things you did for them.

    What's more, on the landing page for your new cities, you don't have to use the same tagline. Visitors to Atlanta won't see it, and the visitors to Seattle/Portland/Toronto (!) won't see the Atlanta one. My feelings are that the ones who have used your services for Atlanta will want you to help them elsewhere. With that, taglines are irrelevant. How many of your clients return (these are your most important ones after all).

    Oh, and to add dimension to the copy on your website - add something that you aren't good at, or that you really got wrong. This is a tough one, only it tells people that you are truthful. That is way more than telling people you're truthful. It gets rid of the sleazy types too ...

    Let's try

    A sparkling personality guiding you in sparkling cities

    How about "Champagne Concierge. A bubbly approach to all your needs"
    "Champagne Concierge: You pop the cork, we hold the glasses"

    This has all the "VIP" elements and speaks of your personality. Do you like it?
  • Posted on Author

    Thank you for coaching me. Your responses are allowing me to find the answers which lye within. To answer your question,

    Do you have a mailing list for them so that you can keep them "in the loop" with the occasional interesting tale about Atlanta (or other cities in the region/states).

    I have not created my mailing list however, due to the fact that I've had two clients since my opening in May 12'. I do have their contact information. One, was a one time client and the other utilized my services weekly for 3 months. Both of my clients live in Atlanta and one is from Atlanta.

    Question: When you stated, " to add dimension to the copy on your website - add something that you aren't good at, or that you really got wrong."

    Would you please elaborate?

    Read more:

    Read more:
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Well done for getting things moving - two good clients are worth having. I would suggest you send them an email and ask if they would like to receive the occasional (monthly?) newsletter from you. You should have an email followup for interested parties so that they don't forget you. An occasional newsletter will remind them of the delights of Atlanta - or wherever.

    Do you have a Facebook page to keep folk in the loop as to what is going on?

    Your last question is really a way of throwing a shadow of yourself. My point in asking what you can't do is that you are human - you have seen yourself in ways that you didn't before you started your business. Your clients will have told you things that really struck home which made you feel great - or rankled! Either way, they showed you for the person you really are.

    Now getting this across in the thin medium of paper or on screen is extremely hard, and a few broad brush strokes are needed. The point about telling people what you don't do is a way of showing your integrity by baring all.

    Another way is to tell the story or incident from one of your tours (or whatever you call them) and write it in real time, so to speak. You can re-create the dialogue and everything. That way it is real to the reader, and is intended to give your reader the knowledge that you are flesh and bone. It also gives them an idea of the sort of welcome they'll get - or how things will be handled (for example if they miss an appointment or their plane arrives late and you just filled in all the gaps when they got there).

    Does this help? M xxx
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you for the feedback. When you suggested the following,
    How about "Champagne Concierge. A bubbly approach to all your needs"
    "Champagne Concierge: You pop the cork, we hold the glasses"

    Are you suggesting I change the company name to "Champaign Concierge"? Or are you suggesting that should be my entire tagline?

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