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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For A New Company

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Looking for tag lines for a new company. "You Are Strong" is the company name. We work with pre teen,teen and college age girls in athletics. Custom made vision boards will be the main focus along with motivational goal setting and team building concepts. Any Ideas??

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    What are you offering these young ladies that will motivate them to get in touch with you? What are you offering young girls who don't feel strong, and would be put off by such wording as "You Are Strong" - after all, women are strongest where men are weakest. That usually isn't in the muscle department.

    Or are you only targeting young women who want to emulate the young ladies of the former DDR? That might be hard in a world filled with lipstick and Barbie dolls. Whatever they are ;-)

    Can you explain what a "custom made vision board" is and what impact it would have for the young lady who has more interest in a custom fashioned hairstyle that looks like her best friends' hairstyle.

    M xxx
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Help us identify the BENEFIT your target audience can expect if they do what you want them to do. Best if you can identify an end-end-benefit ... where the target audience can experience an emotional reward for the desired behavior.

    The best taglines extend the benefit communicated in the name to an emotional end-benefit or end-end-benefit. I don't understand (based on your question) what benefit you will be providing.

    BTW, who IS your primary target audience, and what DO you want them to do? What's in it for them to do it? Where?
  • Posted on Author
    My vision is to inspire and empower female athletes to understand and control the power of their thoughts. Mental training (the importance of what's in your head) is rarely taught. Student athletes deal with doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that have been engrained in them since an early age. From coaches, teachers and even parents, kids are told they 'can't, their not good enough, not strong enough, ect...
    Through our materials, our messaging is that they become Strong in who they are, develop themselves and their passions, effecting them beyond sports and into their life.
    I will do this through - Vision Boards (Which is a tri-fold custom Vision board that is made so that they can have a visual on their goals both short term and long term. It is so that they gain confidence in becoming themselves and be Strong with who they are, not getting caught up in the judgment of others. -You can go as far as YOU ALLOW your vision to take you –
    I am well networked in the athletic arena, so my initial target is middle school, high school and college athletic programs.
    I will do speaking events along with the promotion of the vision boards to promote the message.
    Additional products eventually will include:
    Books, eBooks, Speaking events, Workshops, DVD’s and Audios. As well as touching their lives weekly through Social media.
    Facebook – Linkedin – Twitter – Instagram - Pinterest

  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    And who pays for all of this? Are you a business? If not, where does the money come from to fund your work? Is the objective of the tagline to get someone to send a check, or is it to sign up more athletes/schools?

    It's pretty hard to come up with tagline ideas if we don't know what success looks like for you.

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