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Know-How Exchange

Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name Of Deli Cafe/bistro & Bakery/pastry

Posted by mrlopezjopez on 250 Points
We will going to be located in Russia (Moscow).

First of all we aren''t sure is it good to use English name or Russian one is better.

We''d like to show that we have different cuisines (Italian, French, Russian and etc.)

May be good point to show potential consumers that they able save time as at lunch (shouldn''t wait their order as in cafe or restaurant) time as in the evening, becouse in Russia used to cook at home.

And, of course, that our food is fresh and delicious .)

Our main focus on lunch time, after work time and take away.

We will be located close to offices.


  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Using a foreign language always shows some degree of sophistication. Done with care, it could work very well for you.

    The Quick Lunch Stop - Delicious food as good as you get at home.

    Lunchtime - Great food in a short time.

    Grab It - Fast food that tastes as good as home.

    Grab A Snack - Great food that tastes great.

    Any good? M xxx
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    English or Russian? That's going to depend on the language most of your regular customers speak. Why not do both English AND Russian?

    As for a name? A geographic connection, perhaps a street name or an intersection (making you easier to find)? Or perhaps named for a nearby landmark such as Gorky Park to which to attach the words bakery, bistro, café to describe what it is that you do, offer, or provide. So an example could be: The Gorky Park Bakery & Café.

    As for a tag line, you may not need one. If, on the other hand you decide you do, state a simple, provable benefit, such as "The Best Hand Made Pastries You'll Ever Taste in Moscow!" Tag lines need to be aspirational and lofty. By saying whatever the tag line says first, you own the wording, thereby giving you greater share of mind. The trick with any tag line such as the one above is to then reinforce it by over delivering on the tag line's inherent promise and on each customer's expectations, aspirations, and needs every time you serve a customer. You do that by giving things away that no one asked for and that you have not (and do not) advertise or market in any way: a free pastry with every dozen doughnuts; a free sandwich to every 10th customer on Fridays, and so on.

    Because no one else in your niche in Moscow will be doing this YOU will stand out as a pastry shop or café that gives great value, and as such, word will spread of its own accord and every kopek you spend on marketing will more than earn its keep.

    Good luck to you.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    In your region, how are the successful restaurants named (especially, those for lunch)? That's where I'd start - by making sure your deli "fits in" appropriately. If the name you choose isn't descriptive enough, you could use a phrase such as "Why Wait For Great Food?" to focus on the busy lunch crowd.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Russian Pastry Shop

    Russia Patisserie

    Moscow City Snacks, Moscow Snacks

    All .com's available
  • Posted by mrlopezjopez on Author
    Our one are focused not only on lunch (but for us it isthe most profitable period) time, so pls don't use word "lunch" in the name.
    Successful names are (translation in English): culinary shop Brothers Karavaeva, carefree, gastronomic shops "Soup Croutons", Art Clumba (as it is)
    As for Bakery: Loaf, Wolkonsky, Paul, Nathalie, Bon Tart, Bread & Co and etc.
    Addition: bakery and pastry just 1/2 of our products, even mb less, we also have lots of salads and main dishes by weight.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    The Soup & Loaf Cafe
    The Soup & Bakery Cafe
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    The names you give are all modern in style. Some state what they do, others are just a name ("Paul"). The problem is with the last one is getting it known as a bakery. Far easier if you already have it in your business name.

    How about

    The Loaf Shop
    We Bake Bread And Lovely Food
    Lovely Fresh Food Shop.
    City Bakery & Takeaway

    What do you think? M xx
  • Posted by mrlopezjopez on Author
    We are looking for name for culinary shop, not for bakery or pastry.
    We'd like short name (max. 2 words).

  • Posted by mrlopezjopez on Author
    We are going to sell already prepared food
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Cafe Rousse (with an acute accent that I can't find on my German keyboard!)
    Restaurant Russia
    Eat Moscow
    Moscow Tastes
    Cafe Moscow (could also be in Cyrillic - you could have the cyrillic as a reflection in a different color)
    The Spot
    Votre Rousse
    Right Here
    Right Russia

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