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Know-How Exchange

Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For Organizing Services

Posted by pia on 250 Points
New company name is (name removed). Specializing in residential organizing and photo organizing.
Tagline needed.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Why do you feel you need "something more?" What do you want to communicate to your target audience? Who IS your target audience? Where are they?

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    I wouldn't try to make the tagline "clever", since as Michael points out, your name is unclear. For example: "Specializing in residential and photo organizing" or "Simplify Your Home. Simplify Your Life."
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Just a moment. Put the brakes on. Come slowly to a stop.

    Breathe quietly and think: what is a red button used for? Why do people use these things?

    I don't think the imagery goes with what you have to offer.

    What do people want when buying a house? Security, stability and integrity.

    Not panic.

    If however you are determined to go on with it, fine. We need then to know what you do, and who you do it for. There is one more thing we need: that very special something that only you can do. Because your clients are going to leap at that. Well, your best ones will anyway. Having a few of that kind of person around means a business gets wings.

    In the mean time, slightly away from the connotations you had - and perhaps a little more in line with what my view of your services are -

    rolling out the red carpet for you.

    walk along the red carpet into your new home.

    we put out the red carpet for you.

    Oh, and when they do get to walk into their new home you could keep a red carpet just for that special day! Any good?

  • Posted by pia on Author
    Thanks for the comments thus far. This is actually my client that I'm struggling to find a solution for. The company came out of her memory for her grandmother who used to sew. She thought it would be appropriate because when she organizes people's homes(the core of her business), she "buttons things up"...making them organized and tidy(she doesn't clean but is an organizer).
    I think the Organizing part of the title tells what she does and the (Name removed) intrigues and is a talking point so although I didn't like it at first, I'm warming up to it.
    I agree, we don't want to use the "panic button" visual. She was exploring that but I'm going to squash that idea.

    There are hundreds of organizers out there with lackluster definers under their names and we wanted something to help her stand out without being too cutesy. The words solution, systems, etc are over used.

    Any other ideas now that you have more background? Thanks all for your help!! This has been a real challenge...
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Okay, now it is time to start playing hard ball.

    If you are going to break out of all those lackluster definers, you need to get real. That means you need to be (a) genuine (b) that genuineness needs to be special too and (c) you need to share it. We can't do this for you. You have to dig into what your client is and does to discover these things.

    So: first make sure that the imagery of the red button is as far as you can get from anything panic. A plastic coat button with four holes that is maroon should do the trick. You'll have one in your sewing drawer that you can take a snap of.

    If you want a real kicker, something that will really define your client's space - offer something that they don't do.

    That wasn't a typo.

    What do they not do?

    There will be something - they don't repair coats with black buttons perhaps? They don't do equestrian outfits, or military outfits or something. Okay,they're in residentials - the point is the same. There is an entire vista that they don't service.

    It need not be much. What it will do is tell the world that they are the genuine article.

    Because nobody can do everything. If they have a successful business this won't even cause a ripple in their sales. Because they won't be doing it anyway. So, they're going to whinge that they will lose trade. Well they aren't. Even if they did they would lose 1/2% - and by losing it, gain 10% if not in profit, then in credibility.

    The only problem is that with this, your tagline will jump out at you. In fact, you will have too many to deal with.

    I hope this helps. If now you can fill in the gaps, we can come up with some dynamite. M xx
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    It will not communicate anything of significance to your target audience, even with the back story, which few will ever actually read.

    Best to start new with both a name and tagline that work together.

    Names -
    MishMash Busters
    Tidy Everything
    No More Hodgepodge
    Mess Be Gone

    Taglines -
    Professional Organizing Services
    Paperwork - Photos - Everything Else
    Stay Organized for a Lifetime
    Get Oranized, Stay Organized

    Mix and match, or add some different words you think work better.
  • Posted by pia on Author
    Thanks all for your help. The client is married to the concept so we aren't changing the name. I agree that the tagline cannot be clever since it has to define what she does to clear things up so we are going with a simple phrase Systems to organize your home...

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