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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Husband And Wife Realtor Team - Tagline?

Posted by steve.stone on 250 Points
Hi everyone,
My wife Lisa and I (Steve) work for a large real estate company in New Zealand. We have been using a tagline "Double the Service, Double the Success" for about a year, but are not that happy with it.
Our surname is Stone (Steve & Lisa Stone)and we have a newsletter called "Stones on Homes" but really want to update our tagline.
Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed!

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    A tagline is really effective when it focusses on who you are, "double the service" was okay, but (how can I put it?) lacked vim?

    You have an established company - so you will also have established clients. Who are the clients you like best (and least) what makes them stand out amongst the rest?

    With that, your tagline will attract your favourite kind of client. They are well worth discovering.

  • Posted on Accepted
    "Stones on Homes" sounds like landslide about to hit. Even "The Stones on Homes" sounds better...but not much. You've gone for the cute and catchy rather than something that has appeal to those you hope will read your newsletter.

    As for your present tagline, it would help to know how you position yourselves, what name - yours individually or the larger company's - you use. If you're using the company's, then what little value there is in your present tagline disappears altogether.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Why are you not happy with your existing tagline? What were you hopes for the tagline? What were its perceptions? What do you want your tagline to convey? Why?
  • Posted by steve.stone on Author
    Thanks everyone.
    I will try to answer all the questions: We focus on higher-priced property sales in Auckland's best suburbs. We use technology (social media, video, emailed newsletters etc) well, are seen as very professional, and have a very high clearance rate of properties that we sell.
    We are known as Steve & Lisa Stone from Harcourts (the franchise we work under).
    We don't like our current tagline much because as Moriarty says it lacks 'vim'.
    We want a tagline that conveys quality, service and perhaps the fact that there are two of us..
    Does that help at all?
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Before I have a go at a new tagline, send out a questionnaire with your next newsletter. Ask your readers what they like about what you do. Don't be specific, don't lead them on in the way of a management-led poll that asks you if "you like our management style yes/no" (there's not much choice, is there?) So ask "what is it that you like about dealing with us?" The answers may surprise you, and once you have that info. you can come back and share it - and we'll update your tagline. It might not be the best tagline on the planet, it will tie in directly with what your customers like.

    Conveying the idea of quality and service is not easy. Best done through references where such things are demonstrated rather than just said. Any charlatan can say they're the best. Doing it is another matter altogether!

    Stones. The Swifter Move
    - A Canny Move
    - It takes two to play. It takes Stones to move.
    Two can play. Stones move.

    Any good?? M

  • Posted by steve.stone on Author
    Thanks Moriarty - we will do as you suggest and do a quick survey.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    When you get the results let us know and we can do the heavy work.

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