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Topic: Taglines/Names

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What Should I Name My Campaign?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I want to start an awareness campaign. My target audience is anyone who takes the contraception pill but particularly young females. The campaign will focus on bringing awareness about the link between the pill and mental health issues. My idea streamed from "R U OK day" a mental health awareness campaign, so I thought maybe if I make the name somewhat similar, people will immediately be able to associate with it. I was thinking "Is UR way OK?" as in, is your method of contraception ok for you and your mental health. Thanks!

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    "R U OK day" has a stronger connection to mental health than "Is UR way OK" does for the pill. But I'm also not your target audience. My suggestion: show the name to people who are your target audience, and ask them what they think the name means. If they "get it", then you're on your way. If not, you'll need to rethink the name.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Jay's advice to get input from your primary target audience is right-on. But I'm a little confused by your description of the target audience.

    You say you want to target "anyone who takes the contraception pill but particularly young females." Who other than young females might take the contraception pill? Why? Does it have an off-label use for males or older women?

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    Jay is right, "R U OK day" is the stronger name. If you want to stick with a "txt" branding solution then maybe: "R U Safe day" ... "R U Good day" ... "R U Cool day" and the like.

    Not so sure about your strategy, get as much feedback as you can before you launch this.
  • Posted by panchal.priti on Accepted
    I agree with Steve, Jay and mgoodman. What is the age group of your target audience (15-25), (18-30). When you say young women/men that can be very vague (teens, early 20's, mid 20's, late 20's, etc.)
    good awareness campaign idea as many women and men don't really think that the the pills, etc. they put into their bodies are actually doing more harm then good.
    not sure what your set on but you could name it something where it creates some interests:
    * Be Aware
    * Be aware of your contraception
    * Be in the know
    * Are you in the know (more of a hook)
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    To be honest with you, with what has been said above, keeping your campaign titled as simply as possible is the best idea. Not everybody is going to associate feeling well with using contraceptives. When they are a daily happening, their use becomes habitual - which is where your help is needed, and also where awareness is at its least.

    I would suggest something like "Contraceptive Awareness" or "Your Pill"

    "What is the Pill doing that you don't know?"

  • Posted on Author
    Hi everyone, thank you for all your great answers!

    Sorry, I should have been more specific. I'm yet to engage in extensive research but I think my target audience will be women aged 15-25.

    I want the title of the campaign to be simple but catchy so thank you for your suggestions. In my experience, a lot of young women I have spoken to do not like to associate their mental health issues with the pill, or even identify themselves with mental health issues at all. This is why I was questioning whether to include "Contraception" or "the Pill" in the title of the campaign, to avoid those that would prefer to turn a blind eye to any harm the pill might cause.

    I like "R U OK day" because it sounds less intrusive and allows the person to question themselves without invoking anything directly upon the person. I will continue to brainstorm and your continuous help is much appreciated!
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Let me ask you something else, because this is important.

    My point is that you are trying to encourage awareness. The problem is a subtle one, and one that needs answering: how do you intend to approach people? Face on, young women aren't going to be interested - not getting pregnant is pretty important in a world full of drunken men who don't know what their hands are up to.

    Because saying something like "RU Ok" won't say much to anybody if they aren't aware of what is going on. They aren't going to be looking for this on the internet, are they?

    My point is that we need to tie in what you want to say to the way you are saying it, where you are saying it and to whom (which we know).

    After all, I didn't use the pill for long - my sister used it for 35 years. I have kids (and wanted them, used the rhythm method and still wound up with two) - my sister had no adverse effects save that she is a high-flying computer programming executive. And I'm not.
  • Posted by krupakc on Accepted
    R U the OK Way.
  • Posted on Author
    Hi Moriarty,

    They are very valid points! My main objective is for young women to question whether their mentality is being affected by the contraception pill. There are many different types of pills that have different effects on the body and mind, and there are also many different types of contraception so I guess the campaign will just provide an awareness and aim to help women realise where the root of mental illness is stemming. Therefore, it is not going to be a 'stop taking the pill' campaign, nor will it be to discourage women from taking the pill - more so to think whether they need to test other pill types.

    I will have to give more thought on how I plan to approach people but I think the internet is a good place to start and also at music events.

    Thanks for all your help!

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