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Will I Make 7000 Usd Before 15th May

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[B]will I make 7000 usd before 15th May with my stupid idea?[/B]

Now I have almost no money and I got no success in internet. But I have 1 head and 2 hands ;) and I want to make money - so everyday I will come here and post if I made any money in internet or not, and how much I earn or how much I lost.

Now on my account I have just 50 dollars. Here I will make money 7000 usd by showing people one of my stupid idea. I am networker but in 6 months I made only 70 usd in this (and lost 1350 usd). You can comment if you wish. Any advice?

Till tommorow.

Work Day 1:

income: 0 dollars
costs: -11,45 dollars (I bought "Hidemyass" for 1 month today to create new account on Facebook)

total income/loss: -11,45 dollars
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  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Learn from your experiences and stop believing in things that only make money for other people.

    There are masses of opportunities online if you are clever, and possess enough insight. If you think how many people actually split-test their landing pages in 2013 - and realize just how few there are. Yet the technique was developed more than 100 years ago. Get clever, sell stuff.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    Moriarty is right. There always has to be "something in it" for the audience with any marketing message. You've got to serve someone, some customer(s). Spend this month finding out what you can DO that solves a problem for a specific marketing niche, then start doing it.
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    thank you gentlemen.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Hey, you've got the gumption to ask folk - that means you've got the gumption to push this kind of thing through. It's going to be bumpy, and you will learn a great deal about the things you *can't* do - or don't like doing - honing your skills to those you do best is a real way to make money online! So get out there, see something, see if there's a market for it and agree terms with a supplier - no few copywriters go around trade shows looking for just such opportunities.

    If there's stuff you need, ask it here. If that stuff is part of your business, ask for freelance help from someone you can come to trust and work with to your mutual benefit.

    Go gettem! More: have fun. And Good Luck with your endeavors.

    Remember that a mid-range marketing consultant charges $7000 as their monthly retainer. Isn't that worth going for?
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    yes, I have not known yet this website- now I see it can be helpful.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Make the most of it! More - have fun online, and build yourself a business. It's not as easy as the guys selling magic websites always claim, but then they're the ones making money from them not you.

    Business is harder because it's all about how you do things, and most people give up when they fail thinking it's their fault - and not the fault of the cr*ppy sales system they bought. Learn from your faults, put them into focus and exploit your strengths.

    Go for it!
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    Day 2.
    A lot of work today. My plan to make 7000 usd till 15th is real for me. Today I made posts on Facebook with my weird message, send this to about 500 people on Google+ and create account on Twitter. Still not make any money, today had no costs.

    Work Day 2:
    income:0 dollars
    costs: 0 dollars
    total: -11,45 usd
    left: 29 days, 7011,45 usd to meet a goal

    Hear you till tommorow.
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    Ok, I did some social activities, now I am writing what is my ground idea. As it is a report in pdf, I am planning to present it to them in 2 days, still writing my thoughts.
    The whole concept came to me not long ago when I heard one funny story. Here I present it - in 2 days I will have all my concept in pdf.

    Work Day 3
    Income: 0 dollars
    Costs: 0 dollars
    total: -11,45 usd
    left: 28 days, 7011,45 usd to meet a goal

    A small town in Greece

    It has beautiful weather. But the streets are deserted.
    Bad times have fallen on the people since they have debts, and are still living in high standard.

    One day, some rich German tourist comes into greek town and is looking for lodgings for the night.
    He stopps his car next to small hotel, and comes inside.
    This man approaches the owner of the hotel, and asks if he could reserve a room for a night.
    He places 100 EURO as a deposit, and the owner of the hotel gives him the keys to his rooms.
    When the tourist retired, the hotel owner took those 100 euro and went to his neighbour, a butcher, since he wanted to pay him his debts with the money he had just got.

    The butcher took those 100 euro and went to a farmer becuase he also had to pay off his debt. That farmer took that 100 euro banknote and went straight to his lender in order to pay off his debts. The warehouse man took those 100 euro and went to a bar and paid his bills. The barman then gave the money to a girl sitting next to him who had given him pleasures for credit. Now, the prostitute was going to a hotel in order to pay her rent with the 100 euro banknote.

    The hotel owner took those 100 euro, and placed it on the table.
    And that moment, the German tourist came downstairs and said to hotel keeper:
    „None of those rooms will be good for me…„
    So, he took his 100 euro banknote and left the small Greek town.

    No one was producing here and no one was earning money, but they all paid their bills and have a more optimistic view of the future.

    Regards from Poland to all forum members!

    Till tommorow!
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    Day 4.

    Still writing my thoughts on report to people from Facebook.
    A bit poor English, and more than a half of report finished. Tommorow first exams.
    What is more, I had to pay today for have my account on this network active 20 dollars, so that I can earn money there.
    Eh, what the hell! I just want to know the answer WHY I am believing so much in my inner guidence and stay in that network to keep my account for 6 months now active and paid 1370 dollars and not making even 100 usd. Some stupid guy! Go to work! or doctor

    hope that soon the answer would be showed to me! Wish me luck.

    Day 4
    Income: 0 dollars
    Costs: 31,4 usd
    left: 27 days, 7031,4 usd to meet a goal

    Ps. Looks that my goal is going bigger and bigger! If I keep proceed that way, I will have to make 10.000 usd till 15th May!
    last days I heard nice sentence - "If you are to sleep with girl, sleep with a princess, and if you are to steal, steal millions!"

    Cheers from Gdynia!
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    Work Day 5

    Income: 0 dollars
    Costs: 31,4 dollars
    left: 26 days and 7031,4 usd to reach my goal.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    "What is more, I had to pay today for have my account on this network active 20 dollars, so that I can earn money there."

    I know who'll make $7,000 before May 15th.

    Your English is great - good enough to be understood. That's good enough for copywriting, even if you don't have the flair. There's a lot more to copywriting than good English - it's the passion. You've got that in shovelfuls, and you're wasting it on these chancers. Live and learn from it. Move on in May - but don't spend more than $100, okay? You're worth more than that, and you'll learn more than $100 in courses could teach you. Go to the next Hannover Engineering exhibition - or Leipzig - or Warsaw, Krakow? See if there's something you could sell to Poles who really need it. Agree an affiliation fee with the owners and you'll make 25% on every sale. With your skills, a train ticket, hotel and entrance will cost you $250 and you won't regret it. That's when you can put your skills to real use - and help folk too. Plus you'll benefit your economy by adding to its strength.
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    Thank you. You see.. over 4 years ago, one day I visit one website from China called (its like, but its for retailers). And from that moment I could not forget about it. And 3 years ago I opened a retailer store called with also an ecommerce store - and I run it for 2 years. A half year ago I had to suspend my business becuase I could not earn money enough, but my DREAM is still inside and pushing me to go forward and make the from my dreams real. That why half year ago I participated the network and now I need to meet my 7000 usd and get the money to stand up and make my dream real.

    Frankly otherwise I would be not interested in any networking. But sometimes you have to wander and foolling around to find some missing puzzles. I heard one great sentence one day: "Wandering does not mean digressing". Economy it is the people. I just want so that some people could live better.

    I will be keeping you updated.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Are you gathering an email list as you go? I hope so!

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    Emails and leads are gathered by some program of mine.
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    Work Day 6

    Income: 0 dollars
    Costs: 31,4 dollars
    left: 25 days and 7031,4 usd to reach my goal.

    OK. Pdf with an idea finished. Next actions on facebook.
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    From today new updates will be posted, if any income appear that day.
    Happy Sunday!

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