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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For Our Company

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
we are manufacturing decorative natural stone tile & mosiac which is ready to install for residential & commercial projects. we have stone products from driveway to roof in many forms.

we need tagline which will go with our company name & logo.
we are based in india.

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    A tagline is a very short summary that tels your TARGETED audience the most unique key benefit they will receive from your company instead of your competitor's companies. You haven't posted your most unique key benefit for a specific target audience. We have nothing to go on.
  • Posted on Author
    our targeted audience are architects, interior designer, builder, home owners.
    we provide quality products & easy to maintain & exclusive collection more 100 variety of export quality stones for our indian customers & overseas customers.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Sandeep, you are up against some of the biggest corporations on the planet. All of whom have millions to advertise to the very people you want to get in touch with.

    Sure, you have 100 excellent varieties of stones. So does everybody else.

    Now you have a business. You make stuff - what are your current customers telling you about the things you do? Somewhere in that jumble of references there is the key to how they all see you. Find it, and your tagline will write itself five times over.

    Then tell us what your customers have told you, and we can come up with some snappy ideas.

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    If I'm specifying your kind of product, give me one rock solid reason for buying from you.
  • Posted on Author
    Dear Sir, I need to ask my customer for this. we are getting business only thru reference as we do not have any catalogue or web site for domestic market or marketing people.

    & for the rock solid reason i need to get feedback from our customers.

    actually we are in process of choosing our brand name & logo as well.
    our company name is Ekta India Stone (P) Limited

    our customer & people call us know us as Ekta or Ekta Stone but none call as ekta india together.
    Ekta is very common name in india. its in our language HINDI meaning Unity.

    we want our brand name as EKTA INDIA.

    what should be our brand name ?? Please suggest.

  • Posted on Author
    thanks for your time & effort for our help
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    I guess that Ekta Finished Stone might do the trick, after all, you are supplying stone that is ready for use. There is a that comes first on Google here in NL - if that isn't you, you'll need some powerful differentiation.

    However there are always ways around such issues, many of them have been discussed by me with others.

    As to taglines - this really needs to be considered with the things your customers say. That is so important! After all, they see you in a different way than you do, and getting customers is what business is all about!

    You could fit them around these suggestions -

    Ready to lay in your own home
    Hard wearing Natural beauty
    Fully finished natural beauty

    You could also call your business Ekta Polished Stone (homewares) to put yourself above the opposition (if it isn't you, that is!!)

    What are your thoughts on these?
  • Posted on Author
    yes, this is us. we need more input on brand name & taglines.
    i will try to collect some testimonials from our customers.
    our products cater to rich clients.
    we are dealing in not only polished amny other finishes as well.
    we are selling concept not stone actually.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    How would you describe the "concept" you are selling? How does this directly benefit your targeted audience?
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Testimonials are the key here. When you've gotten a few, get back to us. Carrie (the moderator) closes questions after a pause of 10 days - so you've got a week to fish some out.

    BTW are those computer graphics you're using? The quality doesn't give the impression of high-quality stone (polished or otherwise!).
  • Posted on Author
    received one testimonial as follows :

    I have has the pleasure of working with Sandeep and Deepika Yadav of Ekta India for a hotel project ahead of Rishikesh.

    I have found their services very professional and both of them are very well informed about all aspects of stone, it's usage, laying and maintenance.

    Ekta has a massive range of Indian stone and if used creatively can give imported stone a run for its money. As a matter of fact using Indian stone can give any commercial or residential project a very distinct identity from a design perspective.

    I am very happy with their services, pricing and delivery.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Hi There!

    cutting out the "fluff" - the important paragraph for me was "Ekta has a massive range of Indian stone and if used creatively can give imported stone a run for its money. As a matter of fact using Indian stone can give any commercial or residential project a very distinct identity from a design perspective."

    Several things - Indian Stone, better than imported stone + distinctiveness.

    I am going to assume you use *all* local (=Indian) stone.

    So let's have a go:

    Supplying Indian stone
    Use lndian stone for that local feel
    Because Indian Stone Is Special
    Why Buy Imported Stuff? Indian's better!

    What are your thoughts on these? Which do you like - and which not (+ reasons for disliking to give us a pointer)

  • Posted on Author
    above tag lines does not differentiate us from our indian stone suppliers.
    as our products are unique export quality as other supplier supply mostly raw stone.

    we need to relate somehow with imported stone. we need to convey that buying our stone will give same or better pride or distinct identity like said by sachin bhatia our valued customer.

    our customer are those who buy imported stones. in our stone they can get style as well as better pricing, quality than imported marble.

    at present we are supplying indian stone but in future we may keep variety of good quallity imported stone as well.

    we may give us as better option than imported stone

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Okay, I didn't know that!

    Get creative with our finished Indian stone
    Why Import? We have Indian stone with a fine finish.
    We finish our Indian stone beautifully

    Any better?
  • Posted on Author
    tag line can wait for other feedback.

    please help me in choosing brand name :
    Ekta Stone
    Ekta India.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    You're really better off asking your customers how they think of you. After all, they're buying not me. It's them you need to connect to. So if you have a newsletter, just put a little poll to one side and let them choose - and a bottle of champagne for some lucky person as an incentive to vote.

    If not, ask a few of your better customers what they think. Really, it's what any marketer will advise. We're not here to make decisions. We're here to advise, and this is to say that your customers are always right :-) :-) :-)

    Either that or put out a display network campaign (Google Adwords lookalike, you'll find it in the same control panel) and have three advertisements. There will be one that comes out top. That's the one people like.

    Any names I come up with, I ALWAYS add the caveat to ask your customers which they prefer. Snazzy is great, connecting to customers is fantastic. So let them connect!
  • Posted on Author
    another feedback :

    We use Ekta Stones for our multi-activity resort, Atali Ganga near Rishikesh. The service was prompt, deliverables were met efficiently and on time, the quality impeccable and the variety of choice quite unparalleled. We are very happy with our decision to go with Ekta.
  • Posted by tasleemqadri on Accepted
    Search for the trends according to your business and then search for highly search keywords from the targeted country you want to target you costumers from and by this step you can come up with a perfect name of your company
  • Posted on Author
    any further comments as we have got notice to close this question.

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