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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Catchy Name And Slogan For Health Company

Posted by spamjoanna on 125 Points
I would like to come up with a name for my health and wellness company that sells Shaklee products. My last name is GLADE and I thought something with Glade or EverGlade would be catchy.

Something that puts a smile on people's faces I think would be good, but still keep some seriousness to it.

Life is good and people need to know it.

Thank you very much for reading and considering.

Have a Blessed day.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Why "catchy?" The products you sell are serious, right? Customers pay money for this stuff. They don't buy because you have a catchy name.

    And your name is truly irrelevant to everyone except you and your family. It doesn't communicate any benefit or reason to buy ... which is what you really want and need.

    Focus on the benefit you provide, the reason people might want to become your customers. If you can zero in on the right target audience with the right benefit, you'll have a winner -- better than a "catchy" name.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Every time someone on this forum asks for a name or tag line that's "catchy" an angel strangles a kitten.

    Your given name has little bearing on whether someone buys from you. What is a Shaklee product and who buys this thing? What purpose is the thing acquired for? What practical benefit does its use impart?

    This is where your search for a name begins. The business name needs to be relevant and aligned with a designated or desired outcome. Not catchy.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Okay, let's cut to the core. Remember who's buying. Your customer. Only you're selling health supplements - which is genuinely the toughest market on the planet. If you are to get anywhere, you will need something a little more acid than "catchy" - it has to be outstanding and it has to be rock-solid believable.

    All of which means it must connect to your customers. This isn't just a village shop. The internet is big, and the competition bigger. So what can you do? Well, not everybody can do what you do. Your style, manner and voice are unique to you - and that's your first stop on the path to being able to express this. The people who like this are your customers.

    That's when your tagline becomes 'catchy' - not because it's witty or whatever - but because it connects. What's more it connects them to the whole of your website. From there you can gain their trust, and that's when they'll buy - time and time again.

    Over to you!
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Are you looking for a name that's for the general public (who may not know anything about Shaklee products) or are you looking for a name to set you apart from other MLM sales people? Consider who specifically might purchase from you - and why - to help your name connect to their needs.
  • Posted by spamjoanna on Author
    I still like the idea of something that "catches" people's attention and draws their attention to the products and/or me.

    I am a Shaklee Distributor. Shaklee is a company that is being relaunched and re-branded by the multi-billionaire, Roger Barnett. We have lines in the top 5 categories that are selling today: Health, Beauty, Weight loss, Green cleaning and clean water.

    My fan page on Facebook is geared towards the Health category. One of my business partners came up with Glacken Health and Wellness for her company name. I could just as easy stick GLADE in there and basically have the same name. I wanted something different.

    Shaklee is the #1 NATURAL nutrition company. The company is the only climate neutral certified company on the planet. Dr. Shaklee created the multivitamin.

    So, .... any thoughts now??? I would certainly appreciate it. Or, let me know if you have more questions or need more information.

    I excitedly await your reply.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Joanna - you've told us a bit more about Shaklee. But if I wanted to purchase one of your products, I could go to their website directly, or contact a local salesperson such as yourself. So, why should someone want to buy from YOU? How will buying from you specifically will be the right thing for me? Who are your customers? Where are they located? Why should they trust your presentation (just because Shaklee is #1 doesn't mean it's the right thing for everyone)? Right now the only things I know about you are your name and the product you sell. Please tell us more about YOU and what makes you special.
  • Posted by spamjoanna on Author
    I am a 48 yr old SWF living in Northeast Georgia with my two dogs and two cats. I am interested in helping people and I do volunteer work with my church and will soon be helping at a local elementary school and the Humane Society in my area.

    I like to motivate and inspire people and do much of that on line via sites like Facebook. if you would like to look at my page and get a feel for me.

    I am a Christian. Honest. Blunt. Have integrity, sense of humor and try not to take anything in life too seriously (cause we'll never get out alive).

    I listen to Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Darren Hardy and several others.

    I believe there is enough money on this planet for each of us to be a millionaire and that it is a goal that each of us should strive for.

    I like to read, play on the Internet, play with my pets. I used to play piano as a child and young adult, though, I don't play much.

    I was graduated from college in 1990 with a BS in Psychology and a minor in management. I spent 30 years working on the retail business making other people wealthy. NOW is MY time! :)

    I think it would be cool to buy an RV and travel the USA in it and meet people in the little towns and big cities. I now have a passport and would love to travel internationally, too.

    Anything else?

  • Posted by spamjoanna on Author
    PS. Shaklee is an International company and I would love to have people in USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India (next year). I would love to have all races, religions, creeds, etc in my organization.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Listen, all this is fine. Only who is going to believe you when ten thousand other shysters are saying precisely the same things as you are.

    Sure, you're the genuine article.

    The problem is that when it comes to reading things online, it's not easy to tell the fake. I post on another site which is full of trolls. I'm banned and the trolls are still there - and the guy running the site is a professional marketer. Either he's loopy or daft. Either way, he doesn't know the difference.

    And he's a professional.

    I know the difference, and I know how to spot these things. But then that's why I'm advising here.

    Honesty, goodness and the rest will sell, but only when you've gotten yourself a conversation going online. That takes time and lots of hard work.

    What I said above still stands: "That's when your tagline becomes 'catchy' - not because it's witty or whatever - but because it connects. What's more it connects them to the whole of your website. From there you can gain their trust, and that's when they'll buy - time and time again. "

    As to millionaires, does it matter? I'm in the midst of buying a house in Saxony for 7,000 euros. A home is a home, however much it costs. At the end of the day as a human, having a warm, dry place to sleep is all you need apart from some good company. That and a breakfast to look forward to. In my case, that's home-made Pretzels. Put your happiness first, thank our dear Lord that you are well fed - and help others to enjoy their lives too. That's when money really means something. It's the zeroes at the end of the figures that gets people going - and I don't understand it. Despite being a university trained mathematician!

    So let's get real. You need a tagline that connects. We need to know who it connects and why. That's when we can add some spice and a few pinches of Jalapeno pepper.
  • Posted by spamjoanna on Author
    I am wanting to connect people and inspire people and have us all know that we are ONE; that we are all connected, we are ONE vibration.

    As for the millionaire comment, it's based on a comment I heard from Jim Rohn or Brian Tracy, where his mentor told him to become a millionaire for the kind of person you have to become in order to become a millionaire. We all have that greatness in us to do it. As the Beatles said, "All you need is love."

    Yes, I do thank God! Every morning when I wake up. I'm in the Top 5% of wealthy people in the world. And, that's not really saying anything cause 99% of the USA qualifies for this. I thank Him for my hands, my car, my house, my bank account, my health, my abilities and just so much more. I know that I am truly Blessed and am so fortunate. I want others to be healthy and wealthy.

    My customers and business builders are people of vision, who believe that health is important and doing what you can for yourself is important. They are people who believe we are meant for more than mediocrity. People who want to help other people. People who are being positive as well; a positive influence.

    We are on this planet for that reason. We have a purpose.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Joanna - I appreciate you sharing some details about your life. But of this information, what would make someone who doesn't know you want to buy from you? They may share some values with you. They may live nearby. But what you're offering they can buy from many others (perhaps the same brand, perhaps a different one, perhaps something homemade). If you're not quite sure, it's time to ask your (prospective) customers - why did (would) they buy from YOU?
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Joanna, all that's fine. I know all the fine wording - and believe me, I know a lot more about karma than almost anybody on this little blue-green planet.

    Being wealthy is fine. Only it doesn't tell us WHO you are. Your one purpose in life is to find out what makes you *special*. It isn't about making money, or getting rich. You can't take it with you - and there are things you can take with you. Wisdom is one of them. Finding your way in the next world isn't easy and any skills you develop here on earth will guide you. Depending as to how you do this will allow others to help you in that too.

    Not one of these things can you *buy*. It's all down to who you are and the things you can do. It's down to how much you are prepared to learn, unlearn and struggle with to clear your mind of useless clutter.

    It just happens to be the key to marketing too, the key to communication. It's all about other people - the kind of people who like you and the kind who don't. The first are crucial the latter irrelevant. It's all about ... vibrations. Only knowing why is a little difficult to describe in a small comment box. Let's just say that I understand it. That you know about it is great, just remember that understanding trumps knowledge.

    That's why many of us can see connections where you can't.

    If you are in the top 5% of wealthy people - as you state - get in touch with one of us here and we'll hammer it out. One on one. We can get to the bottom of this if it takes us a year. Because whilst money is great, you can't eat it.

    Money is one dream that isn't a vision. The problem with visions is that too many of them are dreams and too few of them are visions.

    Giving humanity the opportunity to live a reasonably well-fed life is a greater gift than giving them money. Don't give the man a fish, teach him to fish. As it were. That's my part in creation. Teaching people the real value of money. Sure, that's mediocrity - yet there's a little secret here. Understand the difference between mediocrity and humility and you'll see that the likes of the Sanyassin whilst owning nothing - have everything.

    So answer Jay's questions in the light of mine - and we may get somewhere.

    To your success. Moriarty.
  • Posted by spamjoanna on Author
    These are comments that I have received so far. I will get more as I go along.

    Derrick: Because people love you and Shaklee is a good product .

    Wilma: To me personally you are unique because you always want to help, you don't know me and yet several times you have given me helpful advise. You never criticize or get rude and seem to be a genuine person.

    Jennifer: You are dedicated to personal development, you are constantly working on yourself, you are persistent and consistent (from what I know of you!!), you are fun to be around, you have a fantastic personality......those are just some of the unique things about you.

    You've misunderstood me about the money and that is my fault. Yes, I want people to have money. Yes, I want me to have money. I want money so that I can help people. There is only ONE of me and I can't stretch around my whole county, state, country, nor planet. So, money would allow for me to give to those in need, whatever their need. Then others will do the work with the money I provide. There are so many worthwhile causes.

    I am constantly working, learning, striving for knowledge and understanding about myself and others. I don't care to talk about myself where I feel I am being vain. Lord knows, I was vain for so long. I thought life was about me and only me for years. I know it's furthest from that. Life is about every one else. People's purpose lies outside of themselves.

    I want to help people. If they have a problem, I want to solve it. If they are sick, I want to heal them. If they are unhappy, I want to make them happy. If they have a view that doesn't serve, like they are unworthy, then I want to show them what a wonderful person I see. If they need an ear to listen, I want to be that ear.

    I want to learn about different people, be it different in culture, race, religion, etc. I want to see these people, meet them, talk to them, etc.

    They say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I see that when I go to many of my friend's Facebook page and see what I posted on their pages.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Given some of your feedback, how about "Genuine Health (Products)" or "Health With Heart"?

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