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Topic: Taglines/Names

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New Name For Retail Store

Posted by ankurpoddar23 on 250 Points
hi there,

i have a retail outlet in india n keep clothes for men n women of all ages i.e. from 15 age to 50/55 yrs. in both western n traditional wear like t-shirts, shirts, pants, jeans, salwar kurtas, tunics n more. currently the name of the shop is ' just brands ' n i want to change the name of the shop as it was a franchisee i was running before n i have quit the franchisee.
so kindly suggest me some name's for the shop.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Good morning.

    Firstly you're known as "Just Brands" - right? So we need to focus on something that either chimes with that or reflects it in some way. My guess is that your franchiser won't allow you to keep the name? (I don't know! Tell us!)


    just togs (togs being slang for clothes in English - I don't know if its current parlance in the sub continent).
    More Brands
    Great Brands
    Not Just Brands (see above)
    Just Great Clothes!
    Just Ankur (you! it's your shop, right?)
    Ankur's Brands

    What do you think? These aren't very exciting names, they will be recognizable to your customers (sort of).
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Can you keep any/all of the words of "Just Brands" such as "Ankur's Just Brands" or "Just Brands of CityName"?
  • Posted by AA/Swap on Accepted

    If you are selling economical merchandise. You can have your shop name as
    "Brands for Less".

  • Posted by AA/Swap on Member

    If you are selling economical merchandise. You can have your shop name as
    "Brands for Less".

  • Posted by sandy on Accepted
    Just Branded
    My Brands

    Personally I'd want to get completely away from both names due to no longer being a part of the franchise, and because now that it's mine I'd want to create my own image and expand, so perhaps:

    Fit Me Silly - this can relate to many meanings of course, but how many of us still need to try something on just in case it doesn't fit properly or look right. These sort of names will make you stand out from the rest and create great conversations.

    Local n Western Clothing Co - I haven't been to India so don't know if you're one of only a few stores that have both styles or not, but if you are then I'd want to ensure the name meant you not only had traditional clothing but western as well. And I guess this sort of name not only reflects that you must sell a few brands, but makes you sound bigger than you are and perhaps a company that trades online and internationally as well.

  • Posted by ankurpoddar23 on Author
    hi all

    thank you for letting me know some name's. but let me clarify to you all that it is not a compulsory for me to keep my shop's name starting with " just ", but instead i want such a name so that it can be easily on the mouth of people. the name should be very simple yet fashionable.
    so please help me out quickly.....
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Are you allowed to keep all or any part of the former name?

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