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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name My Business

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
After working in the elder care industry for many years, I am starting my own business, focusing on providing services that relate to keeping senior citizens safe in their homes and in nursing homes. Services will include:
Home Safety Checks
Nursing Home Check Ups (for patients who don't have regular visitors.
Assisting the Elderly & Shut-ins by providing various services that deal with keeping them safe at home or in a care facility. Basically, an advocate for the elderly.
Myself and my staff have the various skills and experience that are needed to operate this type of business, including an elder care attorney and a patient advocate. So we might eventually add services such as bill paying, helping seniors understand medical bills, helping them with telemarketer fraud issues and so forth.
Our first business name idea was Senior Safe Watch and purchased that domain name, just in case, but it really doesn't explain what we do. I need a business name and matching domain name.

Thank you for your help

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Naming is a sophisticated process if you want to do it right. There are a number of different issues and possible approaches, so let's start with answers to a few critical questions.

    First, who is your target audience? Where? Who makes the decision and how do they approach it? When? What are the most important criteria for hiring someone who does what you plan to do? What are the other options and trade-offs? (You might want to do a SWOT analysis. That usually flushes out the issues quickly.)

    Next, what's the ultimate benefit for the target audience/decision-maker? What emotional payoff can they expect if/when they hire you? Without a clear statement of the key positioning benefit, it's impossible to come up with a really great name that will make a compelling promise.

    Then, how are people going to find out about you? Do you have a marketing plan as part of your business plan? If so, it's important that you share it with us as we sort through the naming options. If you don't have a marketing plan, that should be your next step. The business and marketing plans really ought to precede the naming process.

    Finally, how are you going to evaluate name candidates and pick a winner? What are the criteria? If we know that in advance, there's a good chance we can deliver for you. If we don't know the criteria, this is a fool's errand.

    Hope this helps guide you to an informal creative brief that we can use to come up with a dynamite name for your new business.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    Great comprehensive advice from mgoodman. Also, your business/domain name may not be enough to really explain what you do. Consider developing a supporting tagline that works well with the chosen domain name.
  • Posted by saul.dobney on Accepted
    Senior Support

    Dignity in Old Age Services

    Care for the Elderly

    Care Services Watch

    The Care Watchdog

    Guardian Angel Services for Seniors
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Again, it's late and I'm not on form namewise right now. More importantly you've been in this business and I would like to point out something that'll speak directly to your better clients.

    My point is that you'll have a stack of references amongst which are commonalities that point to your real strengths. Also, what have people told you who've phoned you having been referred by an already happy customer? Putting these together means you have something that's not only unique but also true to the core of your business.

    Using this as the focus for answers to Mr. Goodman's questions will allow you to see them in a light that makes them way more meaningful, both for you and those who you need to read your name.

    I can come up with a bundle of names, but would rather hear from you first. That'll make the naming process far more worthwhile for everyone.
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you everyone for your comments and helpful suggestions. Sadly we have had a death in our family. For the moment, I will not be communicating. Didn't mean to ignore all your great comments, but family comes first right now.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Julia, my condolances on the loss of someone close. Each letter I send my parents I wonder if it'll be the last ...

    When you're back in action, you can expect full support in the marketing department from us.

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