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I'm looking for a slogan or tagline for my dry cleaning/laundry business. While we're a full service laundry with coin operated machines as well, I'd like to really hit the dry cleaner part as it was recently added and hasn't taken off as quickly as we hoped. We are in a small town and have 2 locations. There's only one other dry cleaner in our community and their equipment is older and service slower. Ours is relatively new - last 3 years or so. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    What the name of your business? Located where?
    Why would someone choose your business instead of the other one? How are you different/better?
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Dry cleaning is cleaner than clean
    Dry cleaning means cleaner than clean!
    Fresh, ironed and smelling of cotton.

    You could also do with a real USP (unique selling proposition) that speaks of the quality of your work - that's a little more than just newer equipment. When the other laundry upgrades, they'll have newer equipment, but they'll never match your level of service. And that's what your customers return to you for!
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    In a small town people either know you or you don't so I'm not sure a tagline would necessarily help. I'd go for some promotions and reminder prompts - so may be loyalty card, introduce a friend, 'Santa Outfits cleaned for free', 'Get your DJ ready for New Year', 2 for 1, Christmas competition. You could contact some offices (eg local government, police, larger employers etc) and see if their HR/Facilities people would let you offer a special discount for 'XX office' - or a pick up and drop back service direct from the office and perhaps have something on their noticeboards or as a staff info email.
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    1. Anti- Dirt Machine
    2. Fastest Dry Cleaner
    3. Dry fast before you wear
    4. Dry your clothes before anybody does ( you could also say that dry your clothes in 30 minutes, you can also use estimated time here as mentioned in your question that your service is relatively faster than your competitors)

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