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Know-How Exchange

Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Tagline For New Brand Tv In Best Price

Posted by blueeyemarketing2013 on 25 Points
we are going to launch our Tv with the Brand name "Blueyan". We will supply the Led,Smart Tv, DLed tv in best price.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    BlueYan - best4less

    BlueYan - up to date, down on price

    But be warned, being cheaper has a sting in its tail: who will undercut you on price? This is not a kind quote, but it's as true today as it was when it was first uttered "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein.

    So work out what your TVs do that NO OTHER TV DOES. Work out who needs that (style, quality, ease of use, excellent manual that even grannies can understand*) - and sell it at 3x the mark-up to customers who'll be more than willing to pay that extra.

    *I recall my little Thomas programming the VHS recorder - something I couldn't do, and I'd read the instructions. He hadn't, and didn't need to.
  • Posted by sufyan.younus on Accepted
    Blueyan- Beyond Human Imagination
    BlueYan- Unbeatable Quality
    Blueyan- Better Technology at your price
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Accepted
    Blueyan- The New Universal Standard
    Blueyan- Bask in Its Glow
    Blueyan- Best Price, Works Good
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    At the best price according to whom? Define "best price" How does your brand stand up against (and how will it overcome brand the kind of loyalty owned by) SONY, Samsung, JVC, Sharp, Panasonic, and the other major players in the highly competitive consumer goods market?

    Might competing on price in this niche against these kinds of companies be a mistake REGARDLESS of your tagline?
  • Posted by saul.dobney on Accepted
    Are you retailing or manufacturing?

    All the features. Less to pay

    Top Value TVs

    No-one Beats Our Price Promise

    Built In Value

    Smart TVs at Smarter Prices

    Do you really want to pay more...?

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