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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name,slogan&tagline For Fruit&vege Mix Juice Brand

Posted by simplyinnovative36 on 125 Points
I am going to launch fruit and vegetable mix juices brand. this would be first brand in my country of fruits and vegetable juices. The product portfolio comprises of 3 lines.
1- red pack: which includes apple, pomegranate, carrot and beetroot mix juice.
2- green freshening: this includes pineapple, apple, kiwi,lemon,cucumber and mint-leaves.
3- tomato tingle: includes tomato, red bell pepper,carrot orange and a hint of lemon.
4- berry berry-licious: this includes strawberry, raspberry,blackberry and red grapes.
in all packs no sugar added but honey for sweetness and lemon for freshening taste.
these all are natural and pure. no preservatives and artificial flavor added. totally organic.
so, I need an eye catching, touchy, best sound brand name, slogan and tagline for my these products.
kindly help me.... and reply as soon as possible

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Nature Mixes
    Nature's Bounty Juices
  • Posted by sarvavelamuri on Accepted
    Congratulations on your innovative proposed launch.
    Some names I can think of :-
    Celestial Infusions
    Pure Potions
    Honeyed Juices - ( But) Naturally
    Good Luck!
  • Posted by saul.dobney on Accepted


    Julee / Jubilee


  • Posted by tcgren on Accepted
    Where are the fruits and veggies sourced? Would you want to make reference to that area if locally it's known for wholesomeness? Is this targeted at a specific group to start? Locally only or you expect to export sometime in the future?

    Earthly exotics - beverages from nature's kitchen
    Mixt Sips - organic liquid pleasures
    Lip Smackers Beverages - 100% natural mouth sensations
    Juice Jumpers - Organic Drinks that hop in your mouth

  • Posted by simplyinnovative36 on Author
    hi everyone... i highly appreciate your responses to my question. i've picked up tcgren's taglines for advertisements and brandnames suggested bu sarvavelamuri's.
    thank you all


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