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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Name For A Shortbread Cookie Company

Posted by zeniswise on 250 Points
I'm planning on doing a made from scratch high quality shortbread cookie company and I'm currently stuck on a name which I need help

I don't want a typical bakery name like sinful desserts, just cakes, or after a street name.... want something modern/contemporary name... I'm fine with not related to shortbread cookies but at least it can build a decent brand that people will know easily.

it would be nice to use "Shortbread Cookie Co. or Company" as a subtitle below the main name

I'm doing uncommon flavours for shortbread cookies like lemon poppy seed, caramel, blueberry, gingerbread man along with a couple flavours like vanilla bean and chocolate

I want to do a storefront but majority part of the business going to be wholesale like food gourmet stores, catering, tea, coffee and wine related companies and doing online orders and ship it across Canada.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Shortbread Confections Like No Other

    Out-Of-This-World Shortbread Confections
  • Posted by zeniswise on Author
    I'm looking for a little more modern or contemporary name

    In California, there is a contemporary pastry shop called craftsman and wolves... It an interesting name because it mean a pack of people like wolves come together creating high quality products like craftsman
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Accepted
    Game of Scones
    An Uncommon Shortbread Cookie Co.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Who is your primary target audience? Can you test a few name candidates to get some direction/feedback from them? How do you know "modern or contemporary" is the right direction?
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Sugar + Butter + Flour (the 3 main ingredients of shortbread)
    Springerle (a biscuit with embossed design)
    Wedges & Rounds (common shapes of shortbread)
  • Posted by zeniswise on Author
    @mike I don't get the "game of scones" ... I get the games of throne reference... but scones?

    @mgoodman I think my primary market going to be most likely female probably 30 years old and up, tea/coffee/wine drinkers that like to entertain/socialize or give it as a hostess gift

    i thought modern/contemporary is a way to go because of where I live ... it one of the richest cities in the province, modern houses and condos boom for at least 5 years now and will continuing building until 2030 with innovative designs, and independent businesses with niche products or services

    Also I thought a modern name would be more presentable if I get a wholesale accounts to carry my products comparing to a typical bakery name

    @Jay sugar + butter + flour name is taken but it an intriguing name. I actually liked wedges and rounds but only problem is that my cookies are clean and smooth mini rounds cookies. it more presentable with the round shape cookies.

    My mother told me that to why not use my name because it a scotland origin name and shortbread cookies are scotland. is it a good idea or not to use my name?

    Also it made me think of an idea of why not think of something that is scotland related to give a story behind the name.
  • Posted by tinkngo on Accepted
    I like the Scotland reference and the idea of a story. and if your name is as above, everybody is in love with zen.
    a quick google search netted me this little tidbit. I like Petticoat Tails though perhaps the French petites gatelles in keepinf with your modern aesthetic.

    Shortbread has been attributed to Mary, Queen of Scots, who in the mid-16th century was said to be very fond of Petticoat Tails, a thin, crisp, buttery shortbread originally flavoured with caraway seeds.

    There are two theories regarding the name of these biscuits. It has been suggested that the name “petticoat tail” may be a corruption of the French petites gatelles (“little cakes”).

    However these traditional Scottish shortbread biscuits may in fact date back beyond the 12th century. The triangles fit together into a circle and echo the shape of the pieces of fabric used to make a full-gored petticoat during the reign of Elizabeth I. The theory here is that the name may have come from the word for the pattern which was ‘tally’, and so the biscuits became known as ‘petticoat tallis’.

    Shortbread is traditionally formed into one of three shapes: one large circle divided into segments (“Petticoat Tails”); individual round biscuits (“Shortbread Rounds”); or a thick rectangular slab cut into “fingers.”
  • Posted by zeniswise on Author
    @tinkngo lol no my name is not zen ... it calum, origin from scotland and it mean "dove"

    I know about the history of shortbread cookie and queen of scots but I don't want to name it after her... too boring of a name ... technically she wasn't the one that made the shortbread cookie, it was her cooks but of course no cook names was mentioned

    I thought maybe find a folklore, story or some novel involving a cookie and maybe there is an interesting character name.

    it hard to find something involving scotland and cookie or just name a popular street in scotland or something
  • Posted by Alissa_Goodwin on Accepted
    If you're selling to an upscale crowd- the packaging is more important than the name. If it looks fancy enough- rich people will pay $8 per cookie.

    Luxe Shortbread

    I'm in California- those names are trendy. I'm hoping they're trending downwards as they overdone. But if you want some originals... here they are!

    Scotty and the Star
    Slate and Squirrel
    Marble and Wolfe

  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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