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I Need A Title For A Networking / Vendor Event.

Posted by jaywillenterprise on 125 Points
I recently started a consulting firm in SE Michigan focusing on improving small businesses. My team and I want to have a small business networking event with vendors that can bring small businesses from all different fields together.

Eventually our goal is to make the event bigger, and have speakers and workshops as well. Right now we realize this is our first event and we building our reputation.

Thanks for your help.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Why not "SE Michigan Networking Event"?
    Who is likely to want to attend? Why?
    What's the name of your firm (if you want to mention it in the name/tagline)?
  • Posted by jaywillenterprise on Author
    The name of the firm is Direction & Purpose Consulting Group. My thought was to label it Direction & Purpose Presents...…. The audience will be small business patrons and general public as well. At this first event we want to showcase business by inviting vendors to talk a little about their business and we will address any business patrons that come as well.
  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    Will this be a paid event for attendees? If so, have you a pricing model?

    If your Consulting Group is funding the event itself, and you want it to grow, what policies do you have in place to control cost blowouts? This question is not directly a marketing question, but my experience is that many companies with proposals such as this do not effectively plan for great success and the related cost.
  • Posted by jaywillenterprise on Author
    This first event will be free to patrons but vendors will pay a fee to reserve their spot. Going forward we plan to make the event larger and have paid speakers and panelists. The fee for vendors will go up, but we plan to obtain sponsors as well.
  • Posted by jaywillenterprise on Author
    While there was some good input given, I did not receive what I was looking for.
  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    At the request of the asker, I'm closing this question and refunding his KHE points.

    Thanks for participating!

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