Topic: Taglines/Names

Company Name: Arg Crane Sdn Bhd

Posted by ally8284 on 25 Points
We are Overhead Crane Company( industries use ) would like you to suggest us a tag line.

We do services including changing parts, repairing, maintenance
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Who specifically are your customers?
    What region do you serve?
    Why would they choose to hire your services (instead of the competition)?
    What specialized services do you offer?
  • Posted by ally8284 on Author
    Our customer : International company , galvanising company , manufacturer more to industries company who work with cranes
    Region : serve part of Malaysia
    We give best service, on time
    Specialized in cranes parts, and annual servicing

  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    @alley8284. Did you inadvertently close this question by clicking 'Accept'?. You were asked some questions about your business, you provided some information, but you have not actually received any direct answer to your basic question that seeks a suitable tagline for your company. If you are still expecting a response, then you will need to restart a new thread, but remember that because of international time zones, it takes time for all responses to questions to come in.:

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