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Trading Company Tagline Ideas

Posted by basant.ag87 on 150 Points
We are a trading company dealing in disposable products like paper cups plates glasses napkins eco friendly products cuttliers shopping bags and all food packing products plz suggest some tag lines related to this
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    What's the name of your business?
    Where are you located?
    Who specifically is likely to purchase from your company? Why wouldn't they use one of your competitors?
    What makes you different/better than the competition?
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    Where are the products you trade sourced from? Is that an important or significant factor in your promotion of your company as being 'eco-friendly'?

    Are predominantly selling B2C or B2B?
  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    Oops ... Is your company predominantly selling B2C or B2B?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Who is your primary target audience? Where? What unique and important benefit can they expect when they deal with you? How are you different from, and better than, your competition?
  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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