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Nonprofit Spay And Neuter Program Name!

Posted by katie on 250 Points
Karma Rescue is a Los Angles based animal welfare nonprofit that's been around for 16 years. Our goals are to lower economic euthanasia rates and lower shelter populations. We do this through our 2 signature programs "Project Coco" (which provides life-saving medical care and treatment to dogs when their families can't pay) and "spay and neuter" (we provide FREE spay and neuter services to dogs in low income communities throughout Los Angeles county).

More than 22,000 dogs are homeless every day in L.A. It's an epidemic that spay and neutering can dramatically help solve. Spay/neuter cuts down on the number of unwanted births, ultimately lowering the number of dogs that are abandoned in shelters and homeless on the streets.

Karma Rescue provides free spay/neuter to 400 dogs a year (the majority of dogs are pit bulls as we have a big focus on the breed).

As part of our strategic plan we are going to be expanding the spay/neuter program to include 1-day spay/neuter events. Each event is held at a partner vet clinic/hospital. Families will bring their dogs on that day to have the spay/neuter surgery.

WE NEED HELP!!! We're desperately seeking a catchy, quirky, original and brilliant name an tagline that aligns with what the program/event is all about. We have no ideas!

The name/tagline will be used to promote the program and events online, at community events, branding, promotional materials, as well as on our website and in our pitch to funders/donors.

We would love your help and expertise!! Thank you!
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    We are usually not inclined to pursue "catchy, quirky" as the criteria for selecting names or taglines. Wouldn't you be better served by communicating the benefit (to individual animals and the community) of your services? (Catchy and quirky are usually a signal that the sponsor doesn't believe he/she provides a valuable service.)

    My vote would be to use a very clear descriptive name (like "Spay & Neuter Day") with a tagline that gets at the benefit (like "A Free Community Service for Man's Best Friends"). Nothing catchy or quirky.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Karma Get Neutered
    Doggie Karma Day
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    Karma Rescue Free Dog Spaying Day
    ... saving America, one dog litter at a time

    Karma Rescue Free Dog Spaying Day
    ... saving Los Angeles, one dog litter at a time
  • Posted by katie on Author
    Thank you @mgoodman good points and your feedback is very much appreciated. You are 100% correct -- communicating the benefits is (and should be) our main goal. Thanks for the reminder and the education too. A couple of other organizations use "Spay and Neuter Day" as well as a few variations of it "Spay L.A." "Spay Day L.A." but we love the "A free community service..." suggestion. Very clear and concise and communicates exactly what it is we're doing. Thanks again for your input!
  • Posted by katie on Author
    Thank you @jayhamiltonroth
  • Posted by katie on Author
    How about "Create Karma FREE spay and neuter clinic in L.A." One dog spayed saves 11,000 unwanted dogs being born (too much? Too lengthy? Not really hitting the mark? or...)
  • Posted by katie on Author
    Thanks for your suggestions @chiron34 we are really liking the tag line!

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