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Day Event, Ramp Walk, Pop Up Shops Networking

Posted by stylebythreads on 25 Points
We are looking for a catchy name for our day time event. That will have pop up shops, fashion show, food and networking. any one can be at the event but our target market is going to be South Asian ladies.
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  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Where will your event take place and what's the appeal to your ideal audience?
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    What is the purpose of the event?
    Is it just a community market event?
    Is it to raise funds for a specific purpose?
    Will this be a one-off event or will it take place on a regular basis?
    What is the economic profile of the community: wealthy people, mainly working class people, or people who may be doing it tough?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Why "catchy?"
  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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