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Tag Line For Shopping Centre (mall)

Posted by art on 500 Points
I am looking for a catchy tag-line for a shopping centre - called (Name of town) Plaza. It's an old plaza - been around for a long time - recently a new shiny new mall opened close by - my client has just purchased the centre and is in the process of upgrading but that's going to be a process of 2 years - For now I just want a generic catchy tag line - once the re-vamp is complete we will change it. Perhaps something simple, straightforward, says something about we've been around a while. There are a wide variety of shops from Chemist, Hardware, Bakers, Supermarket, Fashion - all the shops you would expect to find in a shopping center. - NB - it is not mall status, there are only about 30 stores all on ground level. It is in the more affluent area of the town.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Are there any notable anchor tenants?
    Why would someone choose to go to THIS shopping center?
    Who's likely to frequent it?
    Since it's been around a long while, is that something you want to underscore (trusted) or not (staid, non-upgraded)?
  • Posted by art on Author
    There is a supermarket and a medical centre (GP, Physio, Chemist) but we don't want the tag line to focus on any specific tenants - we have everything there - fast food, fashion, a gym, laundromat, tailor, printer - there is something for everyone. Why does anyone go to a shopping centre - if it has what you are looking for you frequent it. It's my job to market it so that people want to come and shop there. Everyone is a possible shopper - there is a shop for old, young, male, female, rich, poor - it's a convenience centre. It has not been upgraded for a very long time and the previous owners did not spend any money on upgrading and marketing - so we are going to make it rise from the ashes. Slogans I like (for now - once we are ready for the re-launch we will have a sparkly new slogan - so this tag line will only last 2 years and is basically to keep our current customers, entice new customers and help our existing tenants with marketing.) Everything you need. It's happening here (which could be good because there will be a lot of construction teams over the next two years). I love 'Your neighbourhood mall that has it all' but we are not a mall.
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    Some thought provokers:

    Name of Town Plaza
    … We have served you for 25 years, we are upgrading to serve you for the next 25 years.

    Name of Town Plaza
    … It’s YOUR longstanding & reliable Plaza; watch how we upgrade it to better serve you.

    Name of Town Plaza
    … our Plaza is important. Our customers are importanter! Watch our upgrade coming soon.
  • Posted by art on Author
    Wow - I am loving where you are going with this! I like a lot - thanks - I have a meeting with da boss tomorrow afternoon so I will add to these and present - will let you know his final decision. Thanks for the thought provokers - they definitely sparked :)
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    A few suggestions:
    * Polishing Our Community Gem
    * The Best Is Getting (Even) Better
    * Conveniently Better
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Member
    For a short term tagline like this, you could go topical (also a direct marketing attack on the new mall)-

    (Name of town) Plaza
    Get Some Fresh Air While You Shop
  • Posted by art on Author
    Thanks all for the thoughts - we have gone for 'everything you need' for the billboard but will be implementing an awareness campaign around 'We have served you for 25 years, we are upgrading to serve you for the next 25 years.' with facebook posts, newsletters and newspaper ads.

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