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Tagline For Supplier In Cosmetic Dermatology Indus

Posted by victor.tanu.85 on 250 Points

I am the owner of a Distributor company that supplies Medical Device and Skin Care products to Clinics, Doctors and Hospitals that offer Cosmetic Dermatology consultations and practices.

I would like to ask for ideas that can help me summarize our goals into a clear and concise company tagline / slogan.

As a background, we provide best in class products and relatively affordable. (please note that they aren't number 1 products globally, but best in their price range, which is for medium to high segmentation according to Country Standard).

Our products consist of: Laser and Energy Based Devices used in Dermatology, Professional and Home Skin care products, Medical Grade Sutures for Facial Lifting and Contouring, Meso-therapy Solutions, as well as Peeling Solutions.

We want our clients to know that by using our products, they will increase patients' satisfaction and thus increasing their operational profits. And, we also provide excellent customer service pre-during-post-sales. This is something that our clients noted and the reason why they stick around.

I have thought of a few ideas but since it is a very specific industry, it is really hard to make them concise and clear.

Any help and ideas would be highly appreciated.

Additional Information: we are located in Indonesia and we work with Korean and European Manufacturers as a sole distributor to supply and distribute their products in Indonesia Country Territory.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    What's the name of your business?
    How is what you're selling dramatically different from your competition? For example, your competitors are likely to also say, " using our products, they will increase patients' satisfaction and thus increasing their operational profits."
    Do you have a list of testimonials or white papers that showcase how your customers LOVE your products/features/service?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I'd begin with a SWOT analysis to identify and document your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then perhaps a series of interviews with customers (and former-customers) to begin to get a picture of your current positioning in the marketplace.

    If you skip these steps, you are stuck with your own perceptions and unlikely to deal with the real issues facing your business.
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    What are the three biggest selling products by dollar volume in your product portfolio?
    What are the three products that give you the greatest margin on sales?
    Do any of your suppliers give you funds for product promotion that should be taken into account?
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Member
    "[...] ideas that can help me summarize our goals into a clear and concise company tagline / slogan."
    You want to use the words that your customers use. Talk with them, in depth. Listen. What problems are you helping your customers solve? --Do Not Guess. Get to know, to really know, a broad cross section of potential buyers. When you really know them, you will be able to help them. You will know what they need and you will know how to present it. And they will buy from you. Because you understand them.
  • Posted by victor.tanu.85 on Author

    Thank you very much for your responses.

    I will explain a bit more about our company and client-base.

    We are basically already a running and growing company of 11 years. We have a customer base with high retention, however we find that we are not very appealing to new practitioners. New practitioners tend to go for the 2 extremes, either go for dirt cheap products..or go for the most expensive high-brand products (like the hermes or lv in bags/accessories). We offer mid range products, and though the manufacturers are known globally, the penetration in Indonesia was very late, thus our brands are considered new. Im addition to that, we recently switched to offer these brands in 2017 and 2018, despite being in the industry for 11 years. So most of our clients are those that have been in the industry for a while and they really really know about products and services in the industry. That is, they find real value in what I offer, instead of just budget-oriented or brand-oriented.

    The reasons they buy, when I asked:
    1. We have truly great products (specifications, features, or formulations) that really helps them to improve their practices.
    2. We have excellent aftersales service (especially for devices, which requires maintenance).
    3. Our prices although not cheap, are very reasonable.
    4. We have deep and thorough knowledge and we train them in more depth than other competitors, that they may use the products or device with more confidence.
    5. Our products answer their patients' demands.
    **These are real but rephrased statements from our clients.

    We offer 4 product categories: Medical Device, Skin Care, Meso-therapy, and Cosmetic Sutures. The highest revenue and profit comes from Medical Device and Skin care.

    And here are our simple SWOT:
    1. Products Specification. These are aknowledged by Expert Users (Key Opinion Leaders). They even recommend our products to others without any paid endorsement.
    2. Service Speed (usually for maintenance or urgent service, industry standard is 1-2weeks after service request, but we do it in 1-3days).
    3. Patients really love our products. They even try to bypass and call us directly, in which we say no to them and ask them to visit their doctors for our products.
    4. High retention because of trust that we have built with clients. Our clients usually stick around. They usually are the ones that have "price" as the second or third priority. Some competitors, their customers have price as first priority, so if they find cheaper products they switch immediately. In our case, since our product specifications are unique, it is difficult to find similar products in the market.

    1. Brand awareness of our products are still not strong enough. We lost deals just because they do not know our brands as long as they know other brands, even though we offer better products and price (no bias, we check specification and price).
    2. Market coverage. We do not have branch offices in other cities. So it takes longer to cover territories.
    3. Weak branding. We are too focused on product and knowledge, however, we lack a strong brand presence and story.
    4. Lack of Exposure. Our budget is limited, so we cant participate in all exhibitions. We only participate in main exhibitions, in which at many occasions practitioners miss or skip our booth because they go straight to their usual vendors.

    1. Market is still growing. And practitioners are becoming more and more knowledgeable. So we get way more new inquiries in addition to recommendations from peers.
    2. Many practitioners start to find the high-brand products are too expensive and hard get to BEP. So our products may dominate the 2nd Best Choice. This is our goal.
    3. Many practitioners expand their business and want to upgrade their status, however, high-brand products are too expensive. Again, we may dominate the 2nd best choice category.

    1. New entries in Skin Care, Meso-therapy and Cosmetic Sutures. These products have low entry barrier.
    2. Price War for Meso-therapy and Cosmetic sutures.

    Well..that is basically it. Our industry is not a big industry. Our whole market consist of only around active 3000 practitioners combined.

    I hope I have answered your questions and any ideas about the tagline is very much welcome.

    Thank you so very much!
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Accepted
    Probably not the final tagline, but these seem to be your highlights:
    "Faster Service, Reasonable Prices, Same Great Quality"
    You could even add "...Guaranteed" at the end.
    A focus on product and knowledge is good, it got you this far. Now add Marketing (brand & story).
    You need to put on a Show at the exhibitions you book. Something out of the ordinary, that people will talk about. Generate Buzz. Not forever, but long enough for your presence to sink-in. Your product knowledge, improved marketing, and powerful exhibition presence should get you on the right road toward growth.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    What's the name of your company? You don't want to reuse wording that duplicates your name but might wish to use alternate words that emphasize it.
  • Posted by victor.tanu.85 on Author
    The name of the company is PT. ZHENGAN INDONESIA. We were doing consumer health product before we do the current industry. It is a long story, but we decided to keep it. It is related to Legal Administrations and clients started to call us Zhengan and recommended the company name to their colleagues before we had the chance to finalize administrative issues to change our name.

    Thank you for the idea @Mike Steffes. It is highly appreciated.

    Other ideas are very much welcome as well.

  • Posted by victor.tanu.85 on Author
    Ah..forgot to mention regarding company name. In short, we are just ZI.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Given what you shared, here are a few ideas to consider:
    • Expert and Customer Recommended
    • Unique Products + Great Service = Customer Love
    • We Try Harder to Earn Your Trust
  • Posted by victor.tanu.85 on Author
    So, I've compiled 10 candidates for a Tagline from the feedbacks you've given me. Would you mind to give your opinions and choose the TOP 3? Something that catches your attention and piques your interest to know more about us. You may even give me more ideas, modify or mix/match any of the 10 candidates:

    1. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – The Expert’s Choice.
    2. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – Confidence in Every Treatment.
    3. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – Why Choose Worse if You Can Choose Better?
    4. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – Treat Your Patients with Confidence.
    5. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – Better Products. Better Service.
    6. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – You Deserve Better. Your Patients Deserve the Best.
    7. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – Your Success and Your Patients’ Satisfaction is Everything We Strive for.
    8. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – Experts Recommend Us. Patients Love Our Products. You Choose.
    9. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – Your Patients’ Satisfaction Guaranteed.
    10. ZHENGAN INDONESIA – We Help You Do Better for Your Patients.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    The people who should be voting are your target audience, not marketing professionals who aren't intimately familiar with your company, audience, region, and niche.
  • Posted by namarang on Accepted
    To develop and introduce your company to customers, you can use various advertising methods such as print advertising, sampling advertising, billboards in passages and squares, installation of advertising billboards and banners to get more customers to know you, provided that all these methods To be implemented and implemented in the right place and time
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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