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Need Name For A Podcast

Posted by bradford.hyde on 500 Points
I’m developing a Podcast. I’m looking for a catchy and fun name for it. Having a .com domain available for it would be amazing.

The Podcast will be hosted by 4 hosts. We will cover hot topics as well as luke warm ones that face the nation and the world. We will discuss and debate the topics in the first half and have a new guest each week who we will interview. The podcast will be like a mix of ABC’s “The View” meets a late night show. Our vibe is to debate the topics but keep it fun. Two of the hosts are comedians and the other two are just naturally funny people.

The podcast will run for 45 minutes. Guests will be authors, politicians, business folks, scientists etc. All types of unique guests.

I want the name to be intriguing to draw listener in. Please help me come up with a name. Please also make sure a matching domain is available and that’s it’s not an existing podcast title.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Should the name have "podcast" in it?
    Who specifically is the target audience?
    Is this audio/video or audio-only?
    Is the goal to have a serious discussion or to entertain?
  • Posted by bradford.hyde on Author
    -Podcasts usually do not from what I understand have the word Podcast in their name.
    -It will be audio only. We will be taking the audio and posting the audio on YouTube with a cover photo to attract that audience. Also a transcript of the Podcast audio will be published as a blog post to help google and SEO purposes find our website and podcast.
    - While we are talking about serious conversations regarding hot topics that face our community’s, nation and the world, we seek to deliver it in a fun and entertaining way. So a combination of serious discussions meet entertainment.
    - As far as our demographic goes, this is a new venture for us, so we are not completely sure. We feel that we have a very broad reach. Unlike a podcast that is about video games, we are not speaking to a narrowed down niche. Rather the discussions of hot topics is relevant to most demographics 18 and older. Typical podcast listeners tend to be between 20-70 years old. (Very broad) people who listen to podcasts often are: politicians, business folks on their commute into work, and woman report listening to podcasts while working out and doing chores around the house. I’d say though for us, anyone who listens to the news or watches the late night shows are probably going to be our key demographic.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    I understand that your focus now is to come up with great content for your podcast, but from a marketing standpoint you may have things backwards. A clever name for one target audience may be wrong, or inappropriate, for another.

    The sequence should probably be: (1) carefully define your primary target audience, and then (2) prepare a tight creative brief that specifies the goal of the name; and then (3) develop one or more good names that meet the objective.

    If you start with #3, you are likely to come up with an ineffective name.

    How are you going to assess any suggestions we come up with? What are the criteria for judging the options? And how will you ever know if the name you select is the right one?

    Creative Brief ==>
  • Posted by bradford.hyde on Author
    Okay. Here is what I came up with for a Creative brief to address steps 1-2 so we can get some name ideas (Step 3). Please see below:

    The goal of this creative brief is to help you help us develop a name for our Podcast. The podcast is brand new. The Podcast is hosted by 4 friends. (1 is a Conservative Republican Comedian, the 2nd is a Radio DJ/Personality Moderate Middle of the road, 3rd is a business man and is liberal but sees both sides, the 4th is a city counsel politician) The Podcast is conversational and in the first 20 minutes tackles the hot topics and issues that face our community, the nation and the world. The second half, other 20 minutes is an interview with a thought leader, someone who is doing something great, unique and positive. The whole vibe of the Podcast is fun, yet we tackle very serious issues. There will be debates over the issues but we remain civil.

    Objective / Goal:
    • Create a Name for the Podcast keeping it no more than 3 words in length
    • Make sure there is a matching “.com” domain name
    • Have it be catchy and fun
    • The name should sum up the essence of what the podcast is about.
    • We want to make sure the name is fun and creative and is inclusive of all audience types.

    Target Audience:
    Unlike a podcast about video games, our audience is not a small niche. We will have a broad audience. Example MSNBC which is a very liberal leaning network compared to fox has a viewership that consists of: 22% Conservative, 40% Moderate and 37% Liberal. If they were to choose a side, and only appeal to the liberals they lose 22% of their audience, and in this business every viewer is $ earned for advertising. So it’s very difficult to choose a targeted demographic. But here is what we came up with:

    We are looking to capture the biggest segment which is the
    • Politically Moderate Americans
    • Ages of: 35-64
    • College Graduates
    • Middle to Upper Class
    • Professional / Managerial Positions
    • Income of $75,000 a year or higher
  • Posted by mcmurphy.k on Accepted
    4 Laughs, 1 Smart
    Awkward Pause (taken)
    A Laughable Debate
    Round down
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    A couple of ideas to play with:
    Moderately Fun Talk ( available)
    Wide View Talk ( available)

  • Posted by bradford.hyde on Author
    We have chosen Undebatable. The website we bought was actually www.Undebatable.Show. Thank you so much for your help. That's perfect!!

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