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Need A Name Of A Venture Capital Accreditation Body

Posted by sb on 250 Points
years ago, a rockstar here helped us create an accreditation body for our real estate capital raising course called ACPARE or Association of Capital Placement Agents for Real Estate.

Now we need the same for Venture Capital.

This is a MBA level training on how to make venture capital deals like the professionals do.

Thank you in advance.
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  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    @sb, your request is not clear enough. If you already have a training course for trainee venture capitalists to learn how to close deals, why cannot that be used for the purposes you are asking for? However, where I supply you with a suitable name, is it your intention to formally register the name with appropriate authorities as a business name?

    I work in venture capital and this point is important. Scammers, of which there are plenty in the venture capital sector, use so-called accreditation symbols to give themselves an assumed credibility. So I am not much in favour of you just using an unregistered, uncheckable name as an accreditation symbol.

    Venture capital investing is heavily regulated. Governments the world over closely regulate the venture capital sector. This is because there is a dark side to capital raising. The venture capital sector, with its emphasis on financial deal making and the availability of persons often desperate to raise capital, is like a magnet for crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers.

    These crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers are the reviled cockroaches and rats of the venture capital sector and like their namesakes, they must be eliminated. I have always placed high importance on protecting my clients from these crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers. To that end, I have done my bit over the years to report a number of these crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers to police and government regulatory authorities as I uncover them, but they are very difficult to apprehend. I have had some success:

    In recent months, I have been successful in having a scammer in London arrested by the London Metropolitan Police, and a group of scammers in Thailand arrested by Thai Police and securities industry authorities.

    So my warning to @sb is to be careful going down the road you have proposed.

  • Posted by sb on Author
    After reading your reply it is no wonder that you got scammed. Anything in Thailand or London is just capital for fraud. If it’s not coming out of New York or San Francisco you should never touch it.

    You sound like you have no idea what you’re doing, and probably made an investment and desperation.

    With that said thank you for passing judgment on me you don’t sound like you’re very sophisticated in this sport so let me enlighten you here.

    I have attached my letter here that talks about the track record that I’ve had in my background and learning this business on Wall Street.

    I’ve successfully run my own funds now since I was 29 and this is actually my fourth fund right now.

    The intent of this is the training is to impart the wisdom of this training to a bunch of second generation wealthy families we call Tommy Boys who are not smart enough to get it to Wharton or to get a job at Goldman Sachs to manage their money without losing it.

    With that said do you have anything to offer or do you judge?
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Given you like ACPARE, why not AVCRE or Association of Venture Capitalists for Real Estate?
  • Posted by sb on Author

    So close

    Remove the real estate as VC is black and real estate is white.

    Think terms like:
  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    Hi @sb, thank you for your considered response. When you concluded your response with the statement that, ‘With that said do you have anything to offer or do you judge?’, you are missing my point. I am simply suggesting that if you are going to create a form of accreditation for investors, you need to register it in some official way so that scammers cannot purloin its use for unlawful or nefarious purposes with impunity. Scammers love to put fictitious logos and alleged qualifications on their websites to establish street credibility. I run an internationally-focused consultancy where it is my job to protect both client investors and client investees from scammers. I get many direct and indirect approaches from scammers who are daily becoming more sophisticated and more cunning.

    I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to contribute to the scammers’ armoury by helping them to establish their sham street credibility. I know people should be more aware about these crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers, but the reality is that not everybody has your skill and experience. Last year in Australia, where I am based, official statistics show that scammers ripped off $634 million from unsuspecting and trusting people, many of whom were experienced businesspeople. The reality is that the figure is probably much higher because many people who are cheated are often too embarrassed to report it.

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