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Posted by lankak on 125 Points
goal of FEMA is to act as a platform to share ideas, tools and experiences while promoting the applications of ecosystem approaches in Sri Lanka development. proposes to partner with like-minded agencies in UN, Government of Sri Lanka, and Universities on a long-term collaboration to establish the FEMA and provide support. Need to attract the interest of scientists and agencies ,govt to join FEMA
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    What was the intention of creating your platform?
    Did you consult with other agencies and identified problems and confirmed that this would be a useful solution?
    What collaboration tools are the targeted parties currently using? How is what you've developed significantly better?
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Member
    How does your platform support and advance the work of scientists, agencies, and govt?
    You will need to advertise the BENEFITS that your platform can provide to your potential customers. Do you know what your customers are looking for? Do you think you know what they need?
    Replying to these questions can help us to develop a great tagline for you.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    You probably need a business or marketing plan more than a tagline. How will your target audience learn about FEMA? Do you have a budget for marketing/outreach?

    We have consulted with NGO-wannabes. It's not easy, even if the concept seems attractive to a narrow segment. Start by identifying and defining your primary target audience and the unique benefit you offer them. How will they be better off after you provide the benefit you promise them?
  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    You haven't identified your preferred membership basis. Are you seeking individuals or corporates as members or a combination of both? How do you intend to fund the organisation? Will you rely on donations & membership fees or are you proposing to run some revenue-producing businesses? Do you have any 'celebrity' or popular endorsers? Are there particular environmental issues in Sri Lanka that you want the organisation to focus on? What is the basis for that focus?
  • Posted by lankak on Author
    Impacts of Human Activities on the Sri Lanka sensitive ecosystems is compounded by poor land use planning, climate challenges, extensive agricultural practices and inadequate targeting of resources for conservation of natural capital. Opportunity exists to mainstream “Ecosystem Knowledge and Tools” in development planning related to natural capital and resource targeting to ensure Sri Lanka development is sustainable and resilient through nature-based solutions. This requires scientists, managers, practitioners and professionals to come together to promote and use ecosystem approaches in teaching, research, planning, implementation and governance. We are not looking for funding . this forum is to just gain the knowledge and need their participation
  • Posted by lankak on Author
    I wa searching for tag line . Not advice on how to market it. None of the answers even attempted to answer my question .please refund

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