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Why Do You Use A Time Tracker?

Posted by katerina.gondarovskaya on 250 Points
Hi guys!
Could you please share the reasons why you use/used/are going to use a time tracking app?
What issues would you like to resolve with its help?
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I do not use a time-tracking app, and I have no idea of why I might consider using one. What important benefit could I expect if I used one?

    Why are you asking? (Just curious.) What will you do with our responses?
  • Posted by katerina.gondarovskaya on Author
    Thank you for your response.
    Just a kind of social research on why people may use time tracking apps and how they can be helpful for them.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Haven't used. No plans to use.

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