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Tagline For A Book Based On Kid Scientists

Posted by warriormelissa on 250 Points
I need a tagline for my book. I wrote a book on a 11 year old African American girl who wants to be a scientists when she grows up. Her and her best Riley, an11 year old Native American Indian boy and a talking fox go on adventures and explorations throughout their neighborhood which leads to amazing & fun science experiments the little girl does, with their help in her backyard science lab.
I am trying to come with a captivating tagline for this book.
My idea: Multicultural characters bridging fantasy and adventures into the world of science.
It's not captivating enough and it seems as its too many words. I will want to use a tagline in my marketing and crowdfunding campaigns.
Can you please help me create a better, captivating tagline based on this summary of the book?
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    (Aside: I think you're looking for a subtitle for your book, not a tagline.)
    What's the proposed name of the book?
    What's the target audience (teens, tweens, children, etc.) - located where?
    Is the subtitle to appeal to a parent, to a teacher, or to a child? (for example, parents/teachers would care more about learning, while children would care more about fun/adventure).
  • Posted by warriormelissa on Author
    Name of Book: SHANi Kid Scientist
    Target: Kids 8-13 and Parents of kids 8-13 Located US & National
    Tagline needs to appeal to parents & teachers...but parents clearly 1st because parents will be the 1 researching books to buy and buying the books
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Every Day's a Learning Adventure
    All the Ingredients for Fun Adventures
    Experimental Adventures Await
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    SHANi Kid Scientist
    ... In SHANi's world of science, Wonderment Rules!

    SHANi Kid Scientist
    ... Be with Shani & friends as she uncovers the science and wonder of her world.

    SHANi Kid Scientist
    ... Let SHANi & friends take you on an adventure through the wonderment of science.

    SHANi Kid Scientist
    ... Help uncover SHANi's world of science and be amazed

    SHANi Kid Scientist
    ... Let SHANi & friends show you how science is not just for grownups!

    SHANi Kid Scientist
    ... Why do stars twinkle? What is a rainbow made of? Just two of many science questions SHANi & friends will solve.

  • Posted by warriormelissa on Author
    I like these taglines but I am really looking for something that is going to greatly stand out that will will capture the buyers attention and also can be use in crowdfunding, indiegogo.
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Member
    Three multicultural characters' neighborhood adventures in the world of science.
  • Posted by warriormelissa on Author
    I would like to get more responses. Thank You.
  • Posted by warriormelissa on Author
    Thank You Chiron34 for the effort to give me some good responses to my question.

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