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Job Offer Seems Too Good To Be True, Need Opinions

Posted by samanthasmiles15 on 25 Points
To be brief, here’s an overview:

Applied for a high paying job for video editing on an official job website. I have little experience, just some marketing experience and social media video editing.

Well known insurance company.

Company completed the first interview via text, over about 2 hours.

Received a call next day, short interview, offering me the job.

Spoke via text with HR all day about the job description and training. They want to start ASAP (tomorrow). Then spoke with the head of my department.

They offer to ship me $10-15k worth of equipment, noting the price of each item. Desks, computers, software, printer, camera, and more.

I asked, what costs am I responsible for? They said none, they will pay for everything.

I’m posting because I’m very hesitant. Is this how remote positions work now? Is this a scam? How could they scam me? How can I be sure the people I’m talking to are legit?

Please send me your opinions on what to do next and how you feel about this situation.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Is there a written employment contract detailing your responsibilities? Is the equipment agreement in writing as well? Have you researched this company (including current/past employees) to answer your questions?

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