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A Name For A Stalker Movie?

Posted by 17mohanam on 25 Points
im trying to find a name for a stalker movie thats never been used before for my a-level exams, please if anyone has any ideas please let me now
-maghaz khan 7T
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  • Posted by estigoairlines on Member
    Bodies and Events
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Who is being stalked?

    Who's doing the stalking?

    Is the stalker alive? Or are they dead (or even, undead?).

    What's the back story?

    Where do the events take place?

    When do the events take place?

    Who are the supporting characters?

    Is there a curse, legend, folklore event, or occult-based sub plot?

  • Posted by jessicaporter2141 on Member
    If you're looking for an original name for a stalker movie, there are many possibilities. First, think about the story and mood of the film. Are you looking for something dark and edgy? Or perhaps something more comedic or light-hearted? This could provide a starting point from which to choose your title.

    You might also draw on creative titles from other genres that could be interpreted in a new way when talking about a stalker movie– such as “The Pursuit” or “Mystery Admirer”. You could also look at classic horror films and use some of their titles as inspiration, like Hitchcock's Psycho or What Lies Beneath by Robert Zemeckis.

    On top of this, consider using puns or alliteration to create an attention-grabbing title – such as Stalking Shadows, Clingy Chaser, Silent Followers or Fatal Fixation – that hints at the tension and fear evoked by the film without giving away too much plot detail. You can even take sections from famous pieces literature if it fits with the themes in your movie - say 'To Catch A Stalker' inspired by Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird.

    Ultimately though whatever you decide to call your film should reflect its style and content in an innovative way that will attract viewers interested in watching it!

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