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Wanting A Tag Name Or Slogan For My Australian Lab

Posted by timmsmichellekelly on 250 Points
I am a small scale ethical breeder of Miniature Australian Labradoodles
My business name was Motley Oodles, now it’s Motley Labradoodles-I don’t mind either.
My stand out is I breed Merle and unique patterned and coloured labradoodles.
They are raised by me in my home 24/7 with a lot of care and love.
The parents are fully DNA tested.
I do the Early Neurological Stimulation protocol with them
I have only been breeding for around 3 years and already have repeat buyers.
I would like something a bit quirky but still professional please
Thank you so much
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    What's the thinking for changing your business name?
    You could add a tagline that highlight your specialty (Specializing in Merle & Unique Patterns).

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