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Realtor Would Like Help With Branding, Please

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I've been a Realtor for 3 years, and would like to (finally) brand myself as an agent. I'm with an awesome company in Central Indiana, but personal promotion is something I thought I was good at, but obviously not. I'm considering doing an ad for a local magazine (to run for 12 months). At first, I wanted something snappy and/or catchy - but no, I just want to go with sincerity and approachability. I'd like to appeal to everyone; not just certain age groups, income levels, etc. Mainly, because my market is vast; although I've begun to focus on more upscale and historical properties recently. What I'd LIKE to do, but I don't know how to do it w/o being a bore, is to play up my history; my reason for being in RE. My grandfather, was a lifelong tailor; then decided to get his RE license when he was in his 60's; shortly after that he became a broker. Never making much money for himself, but opening doors and realizing dreams for many, many people (mostly immigrants from the West Indies, Africa, and simply from "The Neighborhood" in Queens. He made things possible when all others told them No. ... That's the way I work too.
Can you guys please help me with this??? I need a slogan and suggestions for an ad. Many Thanks, Stacey Torres
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