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A Name For The Consulting Company

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I am starting up a new business. My company will provide business consultancy to customers on a telecom sector. The work is mainly helping the customers with the strategic planning, program management and outsourcing issues.
I'm now searching for a name for the company, but just can't find a good enough or a domain name is already taken.
I was thinking of just any word that sounds good; Lighthouse, Greenhouse. Both of the domain names were of course taken. Maybe I could add something to the end of those like Greenhouse One.
I also had some thoughts about having some of the following words in the name, but how complete the name: Talent, Partners, Grow.

Now I would really appreciate your help to get some ideas for this name issue.
I'm speaking Finnish as my native language and don't have an idea about a nice English word without any relationship to my job. Would you have some nice ideas?
Or any ideas about creating a name based on my business and maybe the words I mentioned above like Talent etc.. ??
Thanks in advance,
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  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    You'll get varied suggestions here. Some will choose a name that is very specific like Total Telcom Group and some will say just pick a name you like...maybe to honor someone in your family "Forty Below Enterprises".

    You don't really get business because of your opinion only...but because of what you bring to the table.

    If you want you listing to be first in the phone book, use a number instead of letter...5 Star Telecom Consulting will be before AAAAA Telecom Consulting.

    Hope this helps.

  • Posted on Member
    The name Greenhouse says nothing about your business. Nor does Light House. I would look for a domain name that has a key word associated with the nature of your work. Or a merging of Telecom and Strategy. Maybe Tele-Strat, Tel-Strategem.
  • Posted by adammjw on Member
    Hi Marco,

    You could as well use:

    Talent Networking


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