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Sessions available through June 8, 2018.

Want to write engaging marketing copy? Easy. Just use ginormous words, lots of technical jargon, and take forever to write it.


It turns out that you can actually be a prolific writer of un-boring copy by using concepts from storytelling and comedy. And you can be pretty efficient at it too. Want to learn how?

Our Marketing Writing Virtual Conference will deliver the goods.


Ann Handley
Ann Handley

Writing Secrets From Productive and Prolific Writers: How to Create Better Content When No One Has Enough Time

We're in a new age of content marketing, where content quality bests quantity. This means that writing means more than ever. But how do you ensure a steady flow of stuff, without sacrificing quality and authenticity? In this session, Wall Street Journal bestselling author and MarketingProfs own Chief Content Officer Ann Handley will give you the tips, tricks, and inspiration to level-up your 2018 writing game.

You will learn:

  • What great, prolific writers know that you don't
  • Best practices from famous writers, both historical and modern-day
  • Practical tools to help manage your writing, ideas, and workflow—even if you are allergic to words like "workflow"

Tim Washer
Tim Washer

Stop Boring Content With Comedy Writing Secrets

Late night TV comedy writers begin every day staring at a blank page, facing the daunting task of writing a hilarious show that will be produced that same afternoon. They rely on a handful of tools that help spark creative ideas. What if we could empower marketers to use those same approaches to become idea factories? Join us for this lively session to learn how to better reach and engage your customers through creative and comedic content.

You will learn:

  • To identify and avoid the three most common causes of boring content
  • Ways to step around the corporate creativity deathtraps
  • How to apply tactics for generating tons of ideas quickly

Erik Deckers
Erik Deckers

Use Storytelling Structure to Bring Your Brand to Life

Throughout the millennia, stories have followed one formula or another. But it's only in the last 100+ years that we've started putting names to them: Hero's Journey, Freytag Pyramid, and so on. But these formulas have told some of the greatest stories in history. And as marketers, you can put them to work for you. This session will teach you the basics of storytelling, examine several storytelling structures, and show you how to apply them to your own brand and content marketing.

You will learn:

  • To identify and choose storytelling structures that can be used in marketing
  • How to build suspense and create a payoff in marketing copy
  • How to use screenwriting techniques to help you sell your product without ever mentioning it



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