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Strategy First on Facebook: Opportunities of a Ready-Made Marketing Platform

Jeremiah Owyang
Thu., Jan 10, 2008, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 5 star(s)

Facebook—a social network with amazing growth—is all the rage according to media and early adopter marketers. While there are many opportunities with this ready-made marketing platform, as well as challenges, marketers first need a strategy before engaging.

In this 90-minute online seminar, find out from a Forrester Analyst and Facebook expert what the demographics, Technographics and audience is like within this social network. Discover the different ways to approach Facebook from marketing, to advertising, to intelligence, to widgets. Become aware of the several risks that need to be mitigated for privacy and analytics, and learn where others have gone wrong.

Lastly, you'll walk away with a strategy. Using Forrester's "POST methodology" you’ll have a clear plan aligned with your marketing objectives to enter Facebook as a successful strategy.


Jeremiah Owyang is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research focused on social computing, and has been frequently quoted in the press regarding Facebook. In addition to analyzing the platform, he’s a practitioner and manages a successful community within Facebook with over 4,000 members.

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Who Should Attend?

This session is best suited for Brand Marketers, Interactive Marketers, Social Media Marketers, or anyone trying to reach customers and prospects within existing social networks.

What Will You Learn?

In this interactive online seminar you'll walk away with:

  • Clear insight into the demographics and potential growth of Facebook
  • Knowledge of the many opportunities—including best practices
  • Advice on how to mitigate the risks
  • Most important, a clear strategy and plan you can take to practice, regardless of your budget.

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