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Take 10: Discover What Your Competition is Worried (and Excited) About

Scott Swigart
Fri., Jan. 7, 2011, 11am ET (8am PT)
10 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 2 star(s)

Do you know where to look for clues into your competition's strengths, weaknesses, product and acquisition strategies? Do you know how to figure out where they're making and losing money? Do you know how to really determine what you're up against?

Let competitive intelligence expert Scott Swigart show you the way as he explains which sources to tap, what types of information to look for, and how to corroborate your findings when researching publicly traded companies.


Scott Swigart is the co-owner of Cascade Insights, which provides competitive intelligence, qualitative market research and strategic marketing services to clients in the hardware and software industries. He writes articles and delivers presentations on qualitative research and competitive intelligence topics published by SoftwareCEO, the Association of International Product Marketing and Management, MarketingProfs, Willamette Universityís Graduate School of Business, and the Marketing Research Association. His work is featured in the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals' (SCIP) Competitive Intelligence magazine and Quirk's Marketing Research Review.

Who Should Attend?

This PRO webcast is for time-pressed marketers. If you donít like taking notes, youíll love the checklist. And if you want to learn during your commute (or at the gym, at a coffee shop, at the airport, or while walking your dog), even better. This Take 10 is portable.

What Will You Learn?

  • Where to go to get your hands on detailed competitor financials
  • How to analyze financial data to detect competitor strategies, strengths, and weaknesses
  • How to understand the impact of key events and news on competitor stock prices
  • How to get a sense for public sentiment and whether there's any truth behind the rumors

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