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How to Develop Effective Content for Each Stage of the Buying Journey

Shelly Kramer
Jennifer Kelly
Thu, Mar 13, 2014, 12pm ET
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 5 star(s)

Every customer and prospect reacts to content in different ways, depending on where they are in their buying journey. Knowing what content to develop and when to propel your buyers along that path to their purchase is critical. It's also important to understand that content can influence customers after the sale, and can be key to retaining them as customers for a long time.

This PRO seminar will provide you with a solid understanding of how to more effectively develop the kind of content you need, as well as a roadmap of when, where, and how to deploy it for optimal results.


Shelly Kramer is an integrated marketing strategist, brand storyteller, digital marketing pro, content marketer, nationally recognized speaker, and corporate trainer. Her client experience is diverse and includes working in both B2B and B2C markets. The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) recognized her as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012, and her firm, V3 Integrated Marketing, also received national recognition as part of BtoB's Annual Social Media Marketing Awards.

Who Should Attend?

Marketers who are responsible for developing content to drive lead generation and nurture leads across multiple platforms and buying levels.

What Will You Learn?

  • The key questions to ask before the content development process begins
  • What types of content to develop at each stage of the buying journey
  • How to write lead-driving content

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