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I've thought of myself as a writer since I was a little kid. I can get absolutely enthralled with how words sound in certain combinations and how they wrap around ideas and bring them to life. But today, I fear for them. Because I think we are wearing them out.

I love social media and all the conversations. I love how empowered the consumer has become and how that is forcing us to be more transparent so everyone can see and trust our authenticity. The new ROI for me is Relationship over Investment. I know that I need to engage my audience and make them a part of my community. Content is king, Baby!
Anyone else rubbing their temples? Tiptoe through that last paragraph and pick out the words that we have overused to the point of wearing them down to their nubs. Go ahead, admit your guilt. You know you've exceeded your quota on more than a few.
Is it possible that linguaocide is a side effect of a few million people creating content on a daily basis?
Words are juicy and filled with nuance and richness. But, when we use and use and use a word - we squeeze the juice out of it until it becomes limp and lifeless. They either become an almost generic term (like Kleenex) that no longer has any pinpointed meaning or they become so empty that we stop using them all together. I suppose it's inevitable for most words. Really, when was the last time you said "rain bonnet?"
But I'm worried that we're accelerating the process and pretty soon, we're not going to have any words left. Am I being an alarmist?
Maybe it's time to shift my blog from words to sketches. Where's that matchbook with the art school ad in it.....

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Drew McLellan is the CEO of Agency Management Institute, a company serving 250+ agencies to help the owners build profitable agencies that evolve and scale.

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