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While Facebook marketing continues to grow at lightning speed, it's still relatively untapped territory for many high-tech marketers. Just because Facebook got its start with the college crowd in 2004 doesn't mean B2B marketers shouldn't be there in 2010. With that in mind, here are 4 ideas for getting more from your B2B Facebook Marketing.

1. Humanize Your Fan Page

No matter how large or corporate your company is, people still buy from other people. As a marketer, you must strike that magical balance of being professional and personable so your prospects feel connected to your product(s) and your brand. Humanize your Fan Page by uploading pictures of employees and your office(s). Give prospects a view of what goes on behind the scenes. Introduce them to engineers, customers, the product team, the sales team, and the CEO. The more they get to know you, the more they'll trust you. And the more likely they'll be to choose you over a competitor.

2. Consider Facebook Your Competitive Advantage

As popular as social media marketing is in high-tech B2B marketing, it's still in its infancy. Do a quick search and take a look at the Facebook Pages for the largest software and hardware companies. While most have a Facebook presence, few are harnessing its full potential. Use this to your advantage and make your Fan Page better than your competitors'.

3. Take a Group Approach

While many larger companies have full-time social media marketers on hand, in smaller or less progressive organizations, social media still falls under a marketing manager or PR manager's responsibility---and their plates are already full. By allowing multiple team members to update the page, you'll increase the frequency of updates and subsequent Fan activity on the page. Just make sure you have strict guidelines in place on what's acceptable and what's not. I've seen this group approach produce significantly better results than having just one or two Fan Page administrators. Nothing's worse than landing on a Fan page that hasn't been updated in weeks.

4. Create an Opt-In Form with Static FBML

With static FBML, you can create a custom tab that allows Fans to subscribe to your newsletter, request a white paper, or contact a sales representative. Most email solutions have instructions on how to integrate an opt-in form with static FBML.

What high-tech organizations do you think are doing a stand-up job on their social media marketing? Let's talk about it in the comments below!

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Megan Leap is Online Marketing Manager at MarketingProfs, where she develops innovative, high-ROI social media campaigns. Previously, she was Online Marketing Manager at ion interactive, a leading provider of landing page software, where she spearheaded their social media strategy from the ground up. She's also consulted with leading brands on social media strategy and campaign management. Follow her on Twitter @MeganLeap.