When it comes to online marketing, trends come and go, but one thing's sure—mobile is here to stay. Luckily, we had the opportunity to chat with mobile expert Christina "CK" Kerley about B2B mobile marketing during #ProfsChat, our weekly Twitter chat. (The transcript is available here.)

Not only was she full of insights on improving B2B mobile marketing (Thank you, CK!), but she also shared facts that help build the case for launching a mobile marketing campaign. Straight from last week's chat, here are 4 mobile marketing facts to include in your next budget request.

1. "3.4 billion people are on mobile. For comparison? Facebook accounts? 500 million."

So, more people own phones than computers. That's kind of a big deal.

2. "Within 3-5 years, mobile devices will be the FIRST screen for users accessing the Web. That's not far off, folks."

Unlike computers and televisions, mobile devices are the one medium that are always with people, whether the bathroom, the bedroom, or the car. (And if you're anything like me, it's more like "the one medium glued to my hand.")

3. "What is SO telling is that Apple came out earlier this year and rebranded to a MOBILE devices company."

Steve is a genius. Listen to him.

4. "IBM just announced that by 2015 Enterprise Mobile Apps will surpass traditional apps."

B2B marketers, this is your cue. Mobile is not just a B2C game, it's your competitive advantage in B2B marketing. The earlier you get started, the farther ahead of your competitors you'll be. And as CK says, "Start learning and getting into a 'mobile mindset' NOW. Or you're gonna fall behind." So take Christina's advice, and get your mobile budget approved now. You don't want to kick yourself later.

Want to learn more about B2B mobile marketing? Check out the on-demand version of Christina's seminar, 5 Ways to Integrate Mobile into Your B2B Marketing Mix. You'll discover tips for optimizing your existing content for mobile, critical success factors for B2B mobile apps, 5 tactical approaches to mobile marketing, and much more.

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4 Mobile Marketing Facts From #ProfsChat With Christina Kerley

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Megan Leap is Online Marketing Manager at MarketingProfs, where she develops innovative, high-ROI social media campaigns. Previously, she was Online Marketing Manager at ion interactive, a leading provider of landing page software, where she spearheaded their social media strategy from the ground up. She's also consulted with leading brands on social media strategy and campaign management. Follow her on Twitter @MeganLeap.