What inspires great love for a company?

Recently, Marketing Smarts podcast host Kerry Gorgone interviewed Brian Sheehan about the traits of a loved company. As author of Loveworks: How the world's top marketers make emotional connections to win in the marketplace, Sheehan discussed how successful companies can nurture love from their customers.

The following eight traits have the power to draw your customers into a deeper relationship with your company.

A loved company is one that...

  1. Is driven by purpose.
  2. Inspires people.
  3. Is emotional.
  4. Uncovers the truth.
  5. Builds movement across its customer base to spread their business.
  6. Is a creative leader.
  7. Has a rallying cry.
  8. Has mystery.

To find out more about how some companies exhibit those traits to their customers, check out my visual sketchnotes based on the Marketing Smarts podcast.

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