In this episode of Marketing Smarts, I talk to Lee Deas, founder and principal at Obviouslee Marketing, about the steps she's taken at her company to help tear down racial barriers and what each of us can do to ensure we're offering an inclusive and open workplace.

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Lee was part of our webinar panel, How to Advance Racial Justice Within Your Organization, and I invited her to the show to follow up that discussion and to share the stories of how she turned her company into a truly diverse and inclusive organization.

We talk about her journey toward racial justice: about fear, guilt, and uncomfortable facts about yourself and your organization—and the ways those emotions and discomfort can give way to joy and positivity when you do right by others.

Lee's comments are insightful and remarkably down to earth, and she shares with us her 30/60/90-day plan for implementing change in the workplace. (Note: that plan is available for download to those who register for the "How to Advance Racial Justice" webinar panel, which is now available on-demand.)

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