Many B2B marketers have questioned the value of social media for marketing, but the tide finally seems to be turning. According to the latest research from MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute, "paid social is the top paid channel B2B marketers use for content marketing."

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There's no shortage of social channels to consider, but they don't all present the best fit for B2B marketers. The key, according to this week's Marketing Smarts podcast guests, is to put strategy before tactics and channels. Only then can you dive into the many paid and free options available to brands on each social network.

In this episode of Marketing Smarts, I talk with Mike Allton, Jenn Herman, Stephanie Liu, and Amanda Robinson, co-authors of the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing.

According to the book, 94% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn to distribute content, but they're not necessarily making the best use of the platform. And there are plenty of other channels and tactics for marketers to explore!

In this conversation, we take a deep dive into social media for B2B marketers and get into which tactics can help further your marketing goals. We also talk about what valuable opportunities B2B marketers are missing out on right now.

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